Thursday, June 30, 2011

don't go to the well, there's no water.

for all you kids gearing up to celebrate america this weekend with some grilled meats (or portabellos) and a cooler filled to the brim with the cheapest of beer, play this during the daylight hours and watch your worries (and sobriety) fade away.



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

if you're this crazy now, there's no telling what's in store.

yesterday around 5pm, my good friend vizion offered me suite tickets for the rihanna show at staples center. i've explained my love for the barbados pop star in the past and without a shadow of a doubt was excited for the show. 

10 things i learned from last night's rihanna show.
when in dancing doubt, squat down and flap your thighs.
if you're a tween and didn't know what dry humping was before, you sure got an advanced lesson.
she splits her show between sex pot jams, ballads and a medley of hits where she sang the hook.
those drum tricks that travis barker taught her last year are still put to use with an awesome rendition of sheila e's 'glamorous life'
she sang for two hours straight, no lip synching. 
great use of a treadmill in heels. no falling tonight!
she's making a run at beyonce's best thighs in the music game.
my god she has so many hits. totally forgot about 'hate that i love you'.
the crowd was a good mix of ages and a lot of guys still in full dance mode post last week's SF pride parade.
she chose a middle aged man to dry hump on stage. an odd choice at first, but she probably choose him cause there would be less chance for #bonerjams.

spending the show with gaps (who matched my fandom) and vizion's little brother (who hilariously got all giggly whenever there was girl-on-girl contact) was the perfect balance for such a crazy, high production show. 


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

blood, sweat and one year.

happy birthday gorillajedi!

my theme was a middle school sports banquet. and for you squares out there, my apologies for the mannequin buttocks shot!


wishing never solved a problem.

beets will always remind me of dwight k schrute and that if you eat too many, they might leave a stoplight hue on your pearly whites. but despite their potential for stainage, i am an avid fan and would love to try this sweet treat. will someone with an oven invite me over? pwease?

beet cake by the awesomely named, tiger in a jar.


thanks for making me shake, it keeps me on point.

"sometimes it matters how cocky i'm feeling that night" - zach condon

the beirut frontman does caetano veloso justice on his contribution to the red hot organization's forthcoming comp: red hot + rio 2.


i'm the hero of this story i don't need to be saved.

i'm pretty sure we're all suckers for a good splitscreen. 

'splitscreen: a love story' by jw griffiths - winner of the nokia shorts competition 2011.


Monday, June 27, 2011

why don't you believe in it? till it's gone?

i once worked on a proposal for bombay bicycle club, what feels like a gazilly years ago. i never heard much about the london youngsters since but their new single from their upcoming album, a different kind of fix, is a hell of a fun re-introduction.

for fans of matt and kim's keyboard skills and two door cinema club vocals, stream bombay bicycle club's new single, "shuffle" below.

a different kind of fix drops this august.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

you on point phife? all the time tip.

on friday i had the pleasure of checking out a special screening of beats, rhymes & life: the travels of a tribe called quest at the ford amphitheater

i mentioned how stoked i was for the release of this documentary back in december and under a blanket of city stars and a steady outdoor breeze, it did not disappoint. starting from the very beginning (you get the pleasure of seeing tip and phife in elementary school yearbook pictures), the film explains the group's formation, how they chose their iconic name, zulu nation/native tounge ties, inner dynamics, insecurities, as well as a thorough breakdown of their first three legendary albums (with brief coverage of their final two). 

director michael rapaport was able to capture all four original members in various stages of ecstasy, anger, vulnerability and health. and despite your level of ATCQ knowledge, the film helps to cement tribe's status of importance in the realm of hip hop and within your own personal memories.

you have to see this. trust.

a-e-i-o-u and sometimes y,

Thursday, June 23, 2011

saying what's on your mind is actually not the end of the world.

there's something about the number two on this fine thursday. san francisco duo, painted palms, has joined forces with seattle dynamic twosome, beat connection to remix their fantastic single "all of us".

while the first version earned certified head nods via layers of exotic repetitions, the remix builds upon a steadier groove and metallic island beats. 


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

leave that nine to five upon the shelf and just enjoy yourself.

today my little blog turns one. this time last year, everything changed and i wanted to have something that remained mine. and 302 posts later, these are all of my words and my experiences. 

this has been the craziest year of my life. filled with all ends of the spectrum, i survived and learned more about my life than i could have ever imagined. i've always been obsessed with becoming a better person and what that means not just to myself but to others. whether i've actually accomplished that still remains to be seen, but i know that i've certainly grown, changed and have kept the experiences of substance close to my heart. 

everything about the last year was about moving forward, balance and the art of letting go. the witnessing of my grandmother's unexpected passing in february is a haunting feeling that remains an issue that i'm still trying to sort through and accept. it's a solitary emotion that i'm sure will eventually heal, but has definitely made the past few months some of the most difficult. 

freelancing has also taught me a lot about self-motivation, execution and the importance of communication between a company of two. thank you gorillajedi for an entire catalogue of amazing memories that will always outlast the confines of a normal work day. 

most importantly, i'm looking forward to what's next with the people that mean the most.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the heart of the nightlife.

the many faces of an ice cream cone. bet you thought there could only be just one. but thanks to london twee contemporaries, the history of apple pie, we learn that ice cream cones smile, laugh, get embarrassed and cry without melting. they also apparently get the girl, so whose the real soft serve now?

the history of apple pie - "you're so cool"


turn down these voices, from inside my head.

some things don't need explanation or a description. some things are just felt and are appreciated in utter and respectful silence. my god, this is one of those things.

bon iver - "i can't make you love me"/"nick of time"

just hold me close, don't patronize.

bon iver's self-titled sophomore record is officially out today. click here to give it a listen.

ain't like you to be shy or hide from the light.

i still have troubles with his name, but dude's got game that either MJ would be proud of. 

theophilus london - "last name london"

timez are weird these days drops july 19th.

color my life with the chaos of trouble.

today the sun shines a little brighter, smiles get a little wider and the possibilities feel a little more infinite. summer solstice has shown it's face and who are we to ignore the adventure we're bound to experience the next few and suntanned months. 

soak it in and let it wash over you.

via p4k


if you cannot cook instant ramen, something is wrong with you.

as a ramen enthusiast and eternal hangover hater, this is some must see TV.

david chang teaches the masses the korean breakfast of champions courtesy of late night with jimmy fallon.

all sriracha, all the time.

Monday, June 20, 2011

you think you peeped the seems, but you haven't.

slicker than your average tennis match.

wimbledon championships: final set.
roger federer vs. rafael nadal.
122nd edition: 2008.
entire match: 4 hours and 48 minutes.
by bryan ku.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

you flash your trash to turn me on.

attraction has many shapes, sizes and body fat percentage. but never before have i seen it looking so buff, tanned and greasy. 

speedo choreography for the win courtesy of canadian indie rockers, stars.

stars - "we don't want your body"


there goes the fear again.

the most interesting, visually amazing and scary three and a half minutes you'll see today.

the anatomy of a computer virus:


Thursday, June 16, 2011

i don't have to sell my soul, he's already in me.

the slight military drum vibe for "the birds (part 1)" from the weeknd offers his vocals a supporting blast of power, rather than just the usual amounts of sex. behind lyrics like "don't make me make you fall in love", the drums steal the show until they unexpectedly fade for a romantic acoustic guitar. because let's face it. between aubrey (drake) and abel (the weeknd), there's bound to be rose petals and heart-shaped balloons on the bed, next to the drugs of course.

the weeknd - "the birds (part 1)"

cups of the xo,

can you whisper? as it crumbles and breaks.

paul rudd!
zooey deschanel!
rashida jones!
adam scott!

our idiot brother hits theaters august 26th.


not all those who wander are lost.

i like dom and this song bangs. but you're on crack if you don't think that everyone in this video looks like they could use a shower (preferably a long one).

dom - "living in america"


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

transmissions from a wistful place.

this is quite possibly the best audio book ever. thank you samuel l jackson. i'm sure it was your pleasure.


always be my maybe.

oh breakbot. you hardly ever go wrong.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

both hearts beat like a metronome.

step into the posh and lush life of UK quartet metronomy as they roll up their linen shirts and show off their rayban collection pool, dock and ocean side. with cameos from a handful of bathing suit babes and a well placed popsicle, it's carefree living with a high-end price tag on par with the scenery. pinky's up!

metronomy - "the bay"


flying over the ocean always makes me feel so low.

all it takes is four minutes!

french press steeze.


we got company coming over, would it kill you to put some pants on?

"queensbridge leader, no equal."

nasty nas you said it best yourself. ooooweeeee!


Monday, June 13, 2011

yeah i'll be alright. whatever that is.

teamwork has always played an important role in my life. the goal is a puzzle, with different people holding various pieces in an attempt to come together to find success in spite of shortcomings or bad days. teamwork also breeds bonds and strengths that may become displaced as the times change, but always seems to retain an intrinsic amount of value. 

adversity is an often opponent to teamwork. so try not to worry so much about the size of your team and instead work to make sure everybody remains on the same page, or else it will be impossible to respectably move forward together.

beach fossils - "adversity"


why don't you come and play here? i'm just sitting on the shelf.

magic doesn't have to be elaborate, expensive or presented by douchebags like criss angel. magic can actually happen with just a little patience, paper and scissors. don't believe me?

ask bianca chang.


with a little love, we could fall into ourselves.

the new single from chad valley hits the correct pulses of uncertainty that occur with young love. it's a new feeling that needs constant validation and circular talks about what's happening and the compromises that lay ahead. perhaps that's why the couple in the video are obsessed with the rounded shape of an orb. 

check out what happens when innocent affections become transfixed with orbital intensions in the video for "now that i'm real (how does it feel?)" below.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

i still don't have a reason and you still don't have the time.

there's been a gnarly cinema trend of male actors i don't like being paired up with actresses i love. for example, i just sacrificed a dollar to watch no strings attached via redbox cause i adore natalie portman, but despise ashton kutcher. yes the movie was pretty terrible with a handful of cute moments (i waited this long to watch it for a reason), but i'm a sucker for keeping up with my favorites even if i awknowledge beforehand that i'm probably in for a shit show.

latest movie head-scratcher pairing is rachel mcadams (yay!) and the subpar channing tatum (blah) in 2012's the vow. but i know i'll prolly get around to watching this even if its just in the comfort of my non-judging living room, so here's the trailer anyway. oh and helllllo scott speedman two second punch-out cameo.


what is most wanted is bad for me i know.

there's a pattern in most best coast songs that asserts a feeling of longing and listlessness towards front woman bethany's significant other. it results in lyrically placing the ball in his court. however in their new adult swim sponsored video, she may be yearning within the confines of the song, but visually the girls are taking the power back one sweet treat at a time.

best coast - "gone again"


Thursday, June 9, 2011

i'm just saying you can do better.

the art of the drunk dial isn't so much a technique but more like a stream of subconscious gibberish that you'll either regret saying, forget you said or wish you had the courage to say sober. it's built upon layers of tension and occasionally fits of anger and despite how much you may be slurring, sometimes you've never been more clear in your expressions.

judging by his musical public displays of affection towards love, women and loneliness, you'd think that drake has made his fair share of drunk dials or been the recipient of many more. and in true drake fashion, he's on one, trying to persuade his lady of the moment to change the status of her significant other from current to past.

i should just call one and go home.

felt so pretty you and me.

the new single from twin sister appears to have replaced the quintet's more whimsical atmospheres with something a little more funky and carnal. if a "bad street" is home to people who make commotions with and inside others, while also welcoming those who have big hands and big feet, then will someone please tell me where the hell the leasing office is?

twin sister - "bad street"

twin sister's debut album, in heaven, drops september 27.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

once you make friends with your neuroses, you can plan a life.

without cable, my beautiful samsung flatscreen lcd tv only gives me three channels. (four if you count the fact i have two channel 11s). it's probably an antenna issue but nonetheless, i only have channels 9, 11 and 13. for those of you who live in socal (which im guessing is everyone), that means i only have one channel of original programming as 9 and 13 just recycle reuns, informericals, the news and a shitload of tmz all day long. so i must admit to watching almost everything on channel 11 and having ridiculous knowledge of embarrassing or random tv programs. 

for example, i recently got into raising hope. not sure if that falls more towards the random or embarrassing, but i know that bijou philips starred in the pilot episode as a serial killer who has a baby (named princess beyonce!) right before getting executed. so after watching broken social scene's latest video for "sweetest kill", i've learned that there's obviously something about bijou philips that screams murderer.

this video is actually pretty gnar gnar. watch until you squeal.


the hardest thing to face is yourself.

when your mind (or your heart) aren't right, it always feels like there's something absent. in terms of the heart, most of the time you know exactly who is missing. but in matters of the head, it's not always that clear or easily explainable.

watch the personification of feeling incomplete in the latest video from new jersey based memory tapes below. 

memory tapes - "yes i know"


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

dont confuse legibility with communication.

last night i caught an early screening of the new emma roberts and freddie highmore movie, the art of getting by. while watching i begun to note a handful of similarities between the movie and emma roberts' other teen dramedy, it's kind of a funny story.

they both featured: weird, but cute male leads disconnected from society, peers and family. man bangs. finding therapeutic guidance from art and sketching. older and equally flawed mentors. beautiful new york landscapes serving almost as a character within itself. fantastic indie music soundtrack and of course, roberts playing the object of affection, who ultimately helps the male lead to find himself, sealed with cinematic kisses and nose grazes.

i really enjoyed it's kind of a funny story and wanted to say the same thing about the art of getting by, but despite some really fantastic moments, the movie was just too uneven. my qualms start at a very basic point: many of the film's settings were too unrealistic. sally and george are supposed to be seniors in high school, with sally appearing to lie about being 18 to appeal to an older man. but throughout the movie, they're in bars, clubs and always drinking beers. not even a mention of a fake id! also, the tone of the movie seemed really forced at times with too many one dimensional characters not given more organic ways to build relationships. however, my favorite parts remain the interactions between sally and george and when they weren't on screen together, the movie seemed to drag a bit. i'll stop so i won't spoil anything. maybe i'm just being unfair cause i'm comparing the movie to another one, but go see it for yourself and tell me what you think. 

one last thing, freddie highmore you're adorable and all but you must work on a stronger american accent!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

and your capital letters keep me asking for more.

if you ever wondered what a band would look or sound like if they performed amongst a fleet of buses in varying stages of movement, then be curious no more dear george.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

let's make it known. i think you're just so pleasant, i would like you for my own.

indeed this is a few months old, but who doesn't love a chain reaction of happiness courtesy of some quirky japanese ladies and trinkets!

shiro x she & him "why do you let me stay here" collab.


the sound of your breath will bring me home.

if you've ever wanted to spend a saturday afternoon swooning over brass instruments, then the new song from beirut couldn't have appeared at a more thoughtful time. beautiful musical compositions layer a song about a long distance love affair rooted in the NY borough of manhattan. 

beirut - "east harlem"

grab the limited-edition 7" red vinyl here.


you can't push the river, you just got to let it flow.

to this day i still get a slight panic attack whenever people ask the age old question, "what would you take from your house if a fire broke out?". panic at the thought of my shit in flames, but also because im honestly not sure what i would grab. i'd like to think that i'd pick a blend of the sentimental and the practical. but i'd probably end up grabbing my favorite pillow case and some polaroids of loved ones. 

the hypothetical question has been brought to life via the burning house - a blog that you can actually contribute to. check out some folk's fondest items and formulate what would you do.


you've got the makings of a lover.

it's about that time when summer lovers are out on the prowl. but before you give yourself (or the juicy parts) to someone else, take heed of the advice (and new mix) from how to dress well and always remember to first and foremost, love yourself!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

the best version of what i could imagine, just happened.

without sanction, dreams often invade our waking hours. whether it's a simple daydream in class or the carrying over of a dream-elicited emotion long after you've opened your eyes, some things have never felt so real or pertinent.

the new(ish) video from beat connection seems to blur the lines between reality in a similar way. cutting between shots of the band, landscapes, illusions and women, it focuses just long enough for you to recognize without being able to completely engage once it's finished. 

beat connection - "silver screen"


out of my mind, just in time.

channelling 80's sex appeal (think prince and robert palmer), with subtle nods towards a far east influence and you've got the latest percussion heavy single from blood orange.

dev's blood orange debut, coastal grooves, drops this summer. stream "sutphin boulevard" below.