Saturday, June 30, 2012

i am unique, not yet complete.

we're all faced with boundaries. whether in work, home or love. for some, a perimeter is easily respected and understood. but for the rest, some things just can't be tamed or enclosed despite rationalized by the purist of intensions or reasons.


4AM and i'm tempted to lose myself again.

this new beat connection b-side just made the world a better place.


extinction is approaching. fight it.

in any meaningful relationship, a certain amount of back and forth between feelngs is normal. 100% certainty while ideal, isn't always realistic. however, if you're starting to notice an alarming trend of bad days overwhelming the good, then perhaps it's time to throw in the towel and wish them the very best.


Friday, June 29, 2012

this summer i'll make it up to you.

it is without shame or care that i admit how much i adore this show.

new girl season 2 hurry up!

best looking cast on tv, with the exception of winston. ((sorry dude))


that's life. you can't pick out the pieces that you don't like.

not only does this guy have the BEST MONIKER EVER, but tell me this track doesn't bang.

say hello to LA-by-way-of-dallas producer, booty thrill. you can thank me later.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

we gave colors names and it messed with our brains.

monday i was surrounded by a varying scale of scottish accents as i was sent to cover both the brave press junket and world premiere. it was my last event for the LA film fest and with disney famous for pulling out all of the stops when it comes to high profile movies, it was (as always) my pleasure to participate.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

all this randomness is leading to a perfect moment.

i can't express how obsessed i am with this trailer. august 3rd can't come here soon enough.


Friday, June 22, 2012

meet me in the wildest moments, you can be the greatest.

in my own experience, days devoted to being wild have always left me with the best memories.


stay pure of heart and you will see the signs.

chan marshall, short hair don't care.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

it's one o'clock in the morning and you're buzzing like a honeybee.

somewhere in-between the most entertaining work day (scroll down for deets), i received an email saying that i won mayer hawthorne tickets courtesy of the scenestar. so after doing the movie thing for most of friday, i nightcapped back into the arms of the love of my life - music.

after seeing my future husby more times than i can count, i have to say that this was their sharpest performance. kudos mr. hawthorne and HYFR to winning free tickets!


slow down, let this feeling last.

after weaving through traffic from mid city to DTLA in friday's infamous blend of rush hour traffic (and carefully charging my flip cam in the front seat), i posted up at the red carpet of the los angeles film festival. my first experience at the LAFF was with two back-to-back premieres - beasts of the southern wild and people like us.


there is no progress in love. it will always be a surprise.

i've been lucky enough to experience a lot of fun and random situations in just my third month of employment. but on friday, i jumped head first into a marathon of press and absorbed every delightful moment. spending the afternoon at the four season in beverly hills, i attended my first press junket for the upcoming dreamworks picture, people like us starring chris pine, elizabeth banks, olivia wilde and michelle pfeiffer.

armed with a voice recorder, a flip cam and notes galore, i nervously sat in on four roundtable discussions and executed two individual interviews with director alex kurtzman and soundtrack contributor liz phair. being the rookie i am, i was interested and impressed by the talent in the movie as well as the other press outlets around me. disney hospitality was on point and kept things running smoothly.

btw, elizabeth banks was even more beautiful in person. go avery jessup!


Friday, June 15, 2012

your mind is software. program it.

keep calm and listen to poolside's "slow down".


Thursday, June 14, 2012

everything you need is right here.

sometimes it may take me a second to find a genuine reason to care about what people are saying. but when i get there, it's virtually impossible for me to evacuate that space or affection.


whatever happened to the times?

when your brain is bogged down with the stresses of life, it can often lead to a feeling of imbalance. this rut is a breeding ground for quietly fading into backgrounds and moody corners. you float between feelings of uselessness or the unnecessary until your presence is only felt in passing, like fading shadows.


and in the morning i'll be with you, but it will be a different kind.

not gonna lie, totally gonna try this the next time i spot that silver and pink stallion!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

super normal sensations of the ordinary.

this is the soundtrack to my rapidly disappearing coconut and kale smoothie. shoutout to naturewell!


let's get back to where we started off.

the idea of forever is the great divide. some people hate knowing the outcome of something, especially it's length. but others, they yearn and hope that they'll never have to live without some things.

the debut video from sister trio haim, leans towards the latter explanation packaged with an assortment of cute white girl dancing.


the lovers, the dreamers and me.

my job allows me to see a lot of movies. so far they've all been highly anticipated blockbusters or big studio backed films. so it was nice to spend some time and money on a movie that i felt not only deserved my attention, but ultimately won my affection.

safety not guaranteed is carved with genuine intentions and framed with a sentimental warmth. it features a lovely chemistry between its two leads, with the stellar aubrey plaza anchoring the film's emotional depth. on friday, movie goers were treated to a special cast Q&A where i asked mark duplass about improving vs. the script and ambushed aubrey plaza for a ridiculously enthusiastic photo.

turns out when you recommend a film with a special Q&A attached to your friends, they're also going to want to check it out. so on saturday i got to ask jake johnson about being comfortable playing drunk on film.

seek this movie out. you deserve it.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

these streets will never look the same.

your brain will need a cigarette after watching prometheus.

i enjoyed every gut-wrenching moment. and if you've already seen it. I MEAN GUT-BELLY-ABDOMEN-SURGERY-WRENCHING.

and if you need any more motivation. MICHAEL FASSBENDER. case closed.


give me a life that needs correction. nobody loves life's perfection.

it's been a minute since i've seen a pixar movie in theaters. so long that i had forgotten the magic that comes with seeing their visions come to life. i stayed away from the marketing for brave because i had read somewhere that there was twist in the film and i wanted it to unravel on the big screen.

no spoilers here, but do yourself a favor and watch it. i am almost certain you will enjoy it and will want to call your mom shortly afterwards to tell her you love her.

brave is unleashed june 22nd.


Friday, June 8, 2012

find me in the pulse of the universe.

while i do enjoy the atmospheres hand-crafted by friends of friends signee, tomas barfod, the real MVP of his latest single is the uber sultry guest vocalist. 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

widescreen vs. fullscreen.

usually when your friend stops dating someone, you hardly see the (for lack of a better term) discarded. you probably keep in touch via social networks but building memories outside of the internet can be tricky due to loyalty or friendship politics.

luckily that was not the case with my friend nina. in fact, we became better friends after they called it quits. and on the eve of her move to the east coast, i want to wish her eons of happiness and luck. and despite this voyage not having an exact return date, they'll be a pitcher of lychee sangria for whenever you decide it's time to come home.

be well pare!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

if you want my eyes, take my eyes. they've always been true.

i know the critics are bashing the living daylights out of it, but if you've got an afternoon to kill and you'd like it to be indoors, with air conditioning and the faint smell of over priced snacks, i urge you to go watch snow white & the huntsman. it is without a doubt one of the most visually intense, arresting and imaginative movies i've seen in quite a while. and my recommendation should mean something because i honestly can't stand movies set in "far away lands" with "kingdoms, princesses, magic powers". yes, i really just put all of that in quotes.

and for added incentive, look how awesome charlize theron is


big things have small beginnings.

there's a lot of change on the horizon. many of my friends are moving to new cities, reconsidering the status of their up long-term companions, reconnecting with past mistakes or accepting exciting new job opportunities.

while moving forward is a vital part of life, the shifting landscapes will require more than just a few minor adjustments for it's human counterparts.


drink now, forgive me later.

if you haven't jumped on the grimes bandwagon yet, this bouncing canadian collaboration of electro-pop goodness will surely bring the platform closer for connection.


the only difference between all of us is that some of us were loved and some of us weren't.

if you can manage to not get distracted or put off by the art school-esque video, there's an extremely beautiful albeit heartbreaking song at the pulse of this new polica track.


Friday, June 1, 2012

tiptoe through the true bits.

keeping it moving, unexpected and quintessentially sunburned, say hello to the new jam from california kid groundislava.

groundislava - "weekend in the tropics"


les enfants s'ennuient le dimanche.

beer is never my drink of choice. but the next time i do decide to order one, i'm going to demand someone open it as thoughtfully as the boys in the video below.