Sunday, June 10, 2012

the lovers, the dreamers and me.

my job allows me to see a lot of movies. so far they've all been highly anticipated blockbusters or big studio backed films. so it was nice to spend some time and money on a movie that i felt not only deserved my attention, but ultimately won my affection.

safety not guaranteed is carved with genuine intentions and framed with a sentimental warmth. it features a lovely chemistry between its two leads, with the stellar aubrey plaza anchoring the film's emotional depth. on friday, movie goers were treated to a special cast Q&A where i asked mark duplass about improving vs. the script and ambushed aubrey plaza for a ridiculously enthusiastic photo.

turns out when you recommend a film with a special Q&A attached to your friends, they're also going to want to check it out. so on saturday i got to ask jake johnson about being comfortable playing drunk on film.

seek this movie out. you deserve it.