Sunday, March 31, 2013

your life, your call.

the moves make the gang



traded your wisdom for youth.

like a page out of wes anderson's world, the black and white lyric video for vampire weekend's new single feels sweetly lived in and full of understated personality.


it is only with the heart that one can see rightly. what is essential is invisible to the eye.

classixx + jerome lol = so necessary.

bonus: classixx + kisses = i can die happy now.


i've had it with you and mexico can fucking wait.

in the early 2000s, i was obsessed with the band rilo kiley and their seemingly perfect lead singer jenny lewis. this new video featuring nothing but old footage reminds me of a time when my priorities were non existent, switched from a middle part to side swept bangs and was totally encompassed with a stranger turned mate.

nostalgia overload and for once i'm not fighting it.


i don’t know if this is love, but i think it’s worth a try.

on wednesday my old intern and i went to the bootleg to catch INC., eclectic twins from eagle rock making sultry and slightly vintage sounding r&b. despite the ridiculously 90s vibe (and hairstyle) of the lead singer, they put on a great hometown show. definitely tunes to drink some wine too and share some dramatic kisses in the darkness.


if you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder.

a few weeks ago i went to new york to eat like a queen, party like a professional and learn to ride the subway solo. i also agreed to partake in a press event during my vacation for two very distinct reasons. 1) ryan gosling. 2) the waldorf astoria.

the place beyond the pines is one of the most ambitious films i've had the pleasure of seeing in a long time. the acting is top shelf and the music was on point. while not able to attend the press conference, focus features did grant me an individual interview with emory cohen - a well spoken and talented kid who holds his own in a movie that boasts gosling, bradley cooper, eva mendes, ray liotta and dane dehaan. it also doesn't hurt to spend the afternoon in the legendary new york hotel and feast on free food and drinks.

lastly, if i didn't agree to the interview i would never have witnessed ryan gosling shimmy down a hallway to whitney houston's classic "i wanna dance with somebody". TRUE STORY.

its out in LA/NY now. opening wide soon.


good intentions paving company.

i really love saoirse ronan (pronounced sir-sha) as an actress (it's crazy that she's only 18). her eyes are unparalleled and she's amazing in hanna. but the host was all kinds of cheesy. kudos to casting though, cause i got to look at an attractive cast for an afternoon of interviews.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

waiting for your moment to fall on me.

my mayer, my man has joined forces with producer jake one and are stepping out in their sunday black and white bests. download now it while it's still free99.

tuxedo - do it


it's in your eyes today.

show them what you do to me.


the space before and after.

give it a spin and think about some old caspers.


writing just to save my life.

thank you lionsgate for hooking me up with 4 individual interviews and a press conference slot. damn you tyler perry for making such terrible movie.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

this heat is locked in the concrete.

while totally not the target audience for a full fledge action movie, i had a ball at the press conference. gerard butler was chatty mcchatterson and mr. morgan freeman was as delightful as i anticipated.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

wealth is more amply measured in hugs than dollars.

it's officially the first day of spring and the weather in los angeles is on the cusp of becoming that notoriously beautiful situation that is envied by other parts of the country still fending off winter's advances.

this is the personification of that particular climate.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

follow my lead cause i've been here before.

trust yourself and fuck the scar tissue. do it big and make it real.


making eye contact, as if to say how's that?

even if you're a dedicated passenger of the passive aggressive train, there's eventually bound to be an emotional explosion. when your smug sayings or listless expressions have piled into something more substantial. when such long standing feelings hit the surface, it's inevitable for things to change from good to bad to worse. listen to both sides of the argument in the stunning new benZel track below.


i'm higher than you can get. bring me back down.

some people are good at being bad and terrible at being leashed. boundaries either offer security or a valid reason to leave. it's that inability to control some impulses that never ceases to bring the pain and leave a trail of hurt feelings that can linger for what may feel like an eternity.

bayou - forever deluxe


i’ll take the trouble that you have in mind.

phoenix fun fact. my friend was asked if she was around the weekend they shot this video because they were casting asians. (she wasn't)


you are not endowed with memory.

a little bibio goes a long way.


stay out of trouble, i run my keys down your careless back.

i've said it before and i'm sure i'll continue to say it. but i love going to disney junkets. they've given me some solid one on one interviews and for oz the great and powerful, there were no exceptions. sat in on roundtables with james franco, mila kunis, michelle williams, rachel weisz and director sam raimi and got to talk to zach braff and joey king individually.

the flick opened to the tune of over 80 million this weekend. i think it's a family friendly adventure that introduces new characters that can undoubtedly stand the test of time.


don't play with something you should cherish for life.

heaven's waiting.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

i can't wait to watch the world tear you apart.

if you're into complicated subject matters brought to life by impeccable and seemingly unhinged performances, then please check out stoker. then call me so we can talk about it.

it's out in limited release now. go find it.