Wednesday, August 31, 2011

despite a wide variety of offenses, the final straw was ironically something sweet.

there is a delicate yet powerful quality to the music of shlohmo. it's reach is simple yet lasting. it moves slowly and thoughtfully embellished, allowing for time to marinate and grasp. 

check out the new video, "just us", from the local beat wizard and see what i mean.

his beautiful debut full length, bad vibes, is out now via FOF music


and your guess was just as good as mine.

have you ever found yourself in the good company of strangers long after last call trying to retrace exactly how you got there? was there shared eye-contact over an observation? a bar-side drink suggestion? perhaps it all stemmed from pointless small talk that found a life of it's own.

such questions are the basis for san francisco outfit dominant legs' new single, "where we trip the light". there is darkness in the unfamiliar, until a spark in friendship tends to illuminate the path for late-night adventure. listen to it below and think about the last time you saw the light.



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

if one of us goes in, then we all go through it.

it's give and take. it's us versus them. it's you and me.

sometimes all it takes is just two simple elements with the right person to achieve the correct balance in perspective. the new video from husky-voiced future islands captures this accomplishment through a collage of young love.

the band's upcoming record, on the water, hits stores october 11th.


you can get what you what, but you can't get me.

the dream hasn't done anything interesting since rocking questionable brown riding boots and knee high socks at his 2009 wedding to christina milian. but today he finally released something worth mentioning and thankfully it had nothing to do with his taste for sketch footwear. 

"wake me when it's over" is a nod to what made people fall for him in the first place - smooth, sensual and cocky. chronicling the pieces of a broken relationship, it's no surprise that it's all finger pointing and accusations. he's now divorced so whether this was inspired by his ex makes this breakup anthem even more interesting. 


Monday, August 29, 2011

you’re so earthly and yet so heavenly. you don’t belong to this century.

penguin prison (aka new york's chris glover) makes irresistible 80s inspired pop gems that end up with the right amount of sweetness despite it's candy-coated exterior. his latest offering from his forthcoming self-titled debut will not only make you wanna sweat it out on the dance floor, but will definitely resonate with whatever your economic status may be.

the penguin prison lp drops this october.


i think my spaceship knows which way to go.

there comes a time in every individual, where breaking points become visible. whether it's sparked in the work place, the home or the bedroom - once exposed there is no turning back. 

for my future husband, he's been blinded by that hourglass figure for the last time. despite demanding her immediate exit, his message is still delivered with his signature charms and timeless affections.



Friday, August 26, 2011

it's where your secrets come to dance.

i prefer whiskey myself, but that is besides the point.

the rum diary invades the cinema this october.


stay hungry, stay foolish.

many moons ago i found myself accidently camping in oregon and met a producer who went by the name groundislava. i'm sure if i passed him on the street he wouldn't recognize me. but if i did run into him again, i'd love to thank him for making this song. 

groundislava - "final impasse"

his self-titled debut full length is available now.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

i'm looking forward to the memories of right now.

often times i've found myself walking the streets of downtown los angeles wondering where i could find a handful of people that resemble myself to partake in a good old fashioned choreographed dance break. i guess i never found the special parking garage where this magic happens, but apparently charlotte gainsbourg did and you know what? i'm super jealous. 

check out CG dance, walk and take a tumble in the video for her new single, "terrible angels".


nostalgia, it's delicate but potent.

RIP aaliyah. 

hudmo - "somebody" (aaliyah rework)


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

consistency and individuality eventually yields liberty.

taking on a portishead track is no small task. do you stay true to the band's vision or rework the song to personify your own musical vision? local trio pollyn have taken the classic track, "mysterons" and substituted it's natural haunting quality with a unexpected collage of upbeat instrumentation. the new vibe still sits well, especially over some colored flashlights battling a dark backdrop.

"mysterons" is the b-side to the previously featured "how small are we".

pollyn's sophomore record, living in patterns, is due october 4th.


we'll murder what matters to you and move on to your neighbors and kids.

one of the latest editions to stones throw's ever expanding eclectic roster is australia-by-way-of-south-africa's jonti. in preparation for the release of his full length debut twirligig this october, the multi-instrumentalist and overall jack of all musical trades has released his latest single, "hornet's nest".

a composite of sounds that range from recognizable and nostalgic to intricate, the song feels slightly delicate at just a little over 2 minutes. but like it's title suggests, it stings when provoked to leave a lasting impression. 


Sunday, August 21, 2011

the truth is in your belly.

in college i worked at both an independent coffee shop and the corporate giant: starbucks. i preferred the independent shop because we had a small roasting unit in house and about once a week i would watch our resident coffee roaster come in and work her magic, transforming a lackluster green bean into the stuff insomniacs fiend for. but after doing everything by hand and individually for two years, working at starbucks was a breeze - all you do is press buttons!

check out "green bean" by the hybrid media company.

special shoutout to the accompanying music provided by radical face (who is a new gorillajedi client).


meditations in an emergency.

frenchmen doing amazing things above our standard eye level. exhibiting extreme balance and upper body strength, this video evokes both excitement and nervousness considering my enormous fear of heights.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

dont give up on me and i won't give up on you.

taking cues from the spaghetti westerns of a disappearing era, the latest single from twin sister sounds like the cutest sundown face-off this side of the american southwest. 

in heaven drops september 27th.

an argument with myself.

admittedly, the film origins of some of these lines are over my head, but damn if this isn't entertaining.

'movie line rhymes' by jordan laws


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a light from the middle of nowhere.

born and raised in southern california, all i really know at the end of the day is the sunshine and the lakers.

'a day in california' - ryan killackey


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

troubles are on the rise, cause you're in disguise.

like the song itself, the latest the naked and famous clip takes a few minutes of foreplay before it hits it's climax. completely not safe for work, the special problems directed video is however the perfect counterpart for any afterhours activities.

the naked and famous - "the sun"


Monday, August 15, 2011

and i feel crazy, cause i didn't say anything.

i've been a fan of aaron de la cruz since seeing his involvement in the la brea district mural a few months back. but the new video from arkitip below is an interesting contrast between the landscape of the huge mural and the delicate personalization of smaller volumes. 

the arkitip chronicles: studio visit with aaron de la cruz.

check out the installation at project space, which runs till september 1st.


the colors in my mind rearrange as i say goodbye.

straight out of your idle computer screensaver, check out the latest video from stones throw maestro, sir james pants.

james pants - "clouds over the pacific"


the motive changes like the wind, hard to control when it begins.

show me a band that can dance and they will show you a good time. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

the greatest thing we can offer is to be great listeners.

despite all of our charming qualities and talents, there always seems to be an emotional characteristic that when measured, will make us fall short. in relationships, this emotional inability is the game changer. sometimes we expect people to accept our flaws, hoping that it wouldn't alter our value in someway.

but at some point, once the extra work and patience has worn off, the absence of something important will eventually tip the scales into a negative balance. in the new single, "how come you never go there" from feist, not only has someone let her down, but she's got a few things to get off her chest.

feist's highly anticipated new record, metals, hits stores october 4th.


don't hold back, just push things forward.

looking forward for this installation to hit lacma this fall.

"the idea that a car runs free, those days are about to close"


i tried to pay attention but attention paid me.

the latest weezy and drake collabo drifts on dirtier tones but deals with an all too familiar subject between them: women. allocated to just chorus duties, drake sounds smooth on the hook describing the many reasons groupies wanna get down in their world. 

stream the young money besties new single, "she will" via nah right.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

take it to the moon, take it to the stars.

my favorite oh land track finally has an accompanying music video and it transcends time and space with a mishmash of adorable dances, quirky costumes and the dreamiest of fairy-tale visuals.

oh land - "white nights"

there's a restlessness in me, keeps me up until the dawn.


the department of visual communication.

impressive debut music video from london animator abbie stephens for a band i've never heard of.


Monday, August 8, 2011

it's too late so tomorrow has to wait.

there's something sweet and innocent permeating the latest video from san francisco outfit, dominant legs. brimming with youthful affections, it leaves a lasting impression that's as attractive as the clip itself. 

dominant legs - "hoop of love"

their new album, invitation, will be released this september.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

i want you to myself, i can't help it.

an old remix uncovered and rediscovered.


don't lose your head over a little piece of tail.

chubby or skinny, you know you're in for a filthy ride whenever jonah hill is involved. do the weight comparison as hill himself delivers the equally funny intro to the trailer for his upcoming movie. (super extra points for using 'ante up')

the sitter hits theaters this december.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

a labor of love and a study in patience.

to live and thrive in LA.


half the time i got it right, i probably guessed.

my favorite part of these impromptu street sessions are seeing what article of clothing is chosen to cover the usually solo drumhead. 

wild nothing - "our composition book" (yours truly x pitchfork collabo)

check out that giant mic,


every photograph and story trickled through.

a mosaic of 8-bit echoes, heavy synths and laser static, the new neon indian jam reflects the sounds of a nintendo love affair from your cartridge-blowing youth.

neon indian - "polish girl"

really looking forward to this record,


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

come on skinny love, just last the year.

44 days + 11 countries + 18 flights + 38 thousand miles + 1 cute face = move, learn, eat.


my excuse is that i'm young.

re-familiarize yourself with this jam, courtesy of my favorite be-speckled gentleman on vocals.

mayer hawthorne - "when the night falls (chromeo cover)"


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

space to breathe and time to savor.

sometimes love allows for a certain amount of forgetfulness - forgetting that other people exist or forgetting that anything else matters except for seeing/spending time/sexing the person you adore. the latest A side single, "clamoring for your heart" from LA four piece princeton notes the gaps in people, places and things that love temporarily wedges between circumstances.

the equally charming B side, "this weather, a swimmer" floats on the opposite side of love. the divisions have moved from acceptable forgetfulness to specific neglect. by the end you've already waved goodbye and watched it all disappear in your rear view mirror.


my dreams are who i'm racing with.

combining the timeless quality of his music with loyalty for his motor city upbringing, peep the amazing new video from my future husband. make sure to watch till the very end. black cowboys? let's hear it for detroit.

mayer hawthorne - "a long time


we met at maybe, we stay at always.

who doesn't enjoy a good haunted house? well it looks as if the three gents from toro y moi's new clip certainly did - even if they got more than they bargained for. despite experiencing death by bubble gum, spaghetti and a flying DVD, the guys end up making the best of their new supernatural situation and celebrate with a dance among their fellow friendly ghosts.

toro y moi - "how i know"


see what is invisible and you'll know what to write.

in one of the best music video twists i've seen in a minute, check out the highly-anticipated drew barrymore directed supervideo for the best coast heartbreaker, "our deal".

to love and die in LA,


Monday, August 1, 2011

it doesn't feel like i'm a part of your life. it feels like i'm on vacation.

earlier tonight, i caught an advanced screening of bellflower. i'd seen the trailer and was not quite sure was the movie was even about, but the early reviews were intriguing enough for me to want to check it out (at least a free screening).

bellflower is the small budget brainchild of one evan glodell. pulling a triple threat, he wrote, directed and starred in this indie darling that faired pretty well at both sxsw and sundance. for me, the biggest appeal of the film was the beautiful way the movie is captured. filmed with an exclusive hand built camera, every color, shade, movement and explosion is highly idealized. each frame is intensified by a haze of fury and passion that seeps into your consciousness, eagerly awaiting what's next. 

while the acting is subpar at certain intervals and the movie takes a second to pick up some stream, it definitely was a visual assault i'm still trying to process. i'm still undecided about how much of the film i really enjoyed. but the film does succeed in leaving a last impression. whether it's a good or bad one, i'm sure will lead to some interesting future discussions.

bellflower will be unleashed in certain theaters this friday.


the quickest way to feel like shit is to compare yourself to others.

god bless felt.

"don't hug me i'm scared" by thisisit collective.