Thursday, May 31, 2012

far gone and out.

the chernobyl diaries premiere was the most comfortable i've been on the carpet since i started my job. probably because i didn't have to fight off star struck feelings because the seemingly unknown cast were equally as excited to talk to me as i was to them. now if all of my assignments could be so simple?


Sunday, May 27, 2012

it’s that brief moment when the waning daylight causes everything to take on a holy, hazy glow.

dear folks of the world,

don't ever go to a seedy motel with a seductive stranger. EVER.

love always,
the new blood orange video.

i'm sorry we lied.


we've got tonight. who needs tomorrow.

oh jessie ware, you had me the second i heard your heavy pronunciation of the word "can't".

jessie ware - "what you won't do for love"


the simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction.

i'm a pretty punctual person, which is almost the exact opposite of most of my friends and family. filipino time (aka massive amounts of lagging) is a plague with no cure and hardly any apologies. the next time i'm stuck waiting, i'm just going to text the culprit this link and tell them to fast forward to the 2.35 mark.


some days all I want to do is wear pajamas and live life slow.

REMMMMIXXXXX (*missy elliot voice*)


Saturday, May 26, 2012

the results perfectly capture and distend that dizzy, overripe feeling of right before something very good ends.

we all know one: a couple who just shouldn't be together. they always seem to be fighting or unsatisfied with each other. they only share the negative aspects of their relationship so those on the outside think they're both completely warped. but no matter how many complains stack up or shit hits the fan...they never seem to break up. for worse or super-fucking-worse, they stick it out and everyone's stuck listening to their circular pattern of disappointment.

the new summer camp song reminds me of a few of those unfortunate duos, but at least their argument is pleasant for those on the other side.

summer camp - "always"


write to please just one person.

i prefer my vietnamese coffee over ice. either way, it's always an ace cup.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

our paths intersect and we’re perpetually looking back over our shoulders as we trail off in opposite directions.

i feel bad for those who can't remember their first love. the anxiety and need to define a variety of emotions wrapped into a different set of excitement or innocence. figuring out just how much it meant to be the other half of somebody, rather than just being a participant. they're memories drenched in sweetness and partial embarrassment. but chances are that experience holds some sort of weight in however you currently define relationships.

the new track from local outfit superhumanoids is a good reminder of what that time in your life may have felt like.


the point that i'm relating, is that it shouldn't be like this.

the inherent sweetness of the vocals and melodies from the new flight facilities and grovesnor collab is paralleled by a complicated lyrical love story. two people, both married, both madly in lust, just not with their spouses. it vibes off notions of romance, consequence and the forbidden, all void of a final resolution.

tip toe the sanctity of marriage and the call of instinct below.


i swear my heart needs a donor.

one of my favorite records this year has been one second of love by pocket-sized songbird, nite jewel. like a polished diamond birthed from a previously lo-fi rough, it's both stylistically and emotionally on point. i'm headed to see her on june 15th at the echo. watch the video below to get a taste sure to leave you purchasing a ticket and eventually standing right next to me, drink in hand.

nite jewel - "memory man"


i'm a broken record, you have heard this before.

michael fassbender is the prototype.

if you still don't get it. watch shame and then get back to me.


Friday, May 18, 2012

never forget your beginners spirit.

this song sounds like the sweetest lullaby you've never heard. picture a sleep deprived father, picking up his guitar to sing his newborn off to dreamland. all the while making a thoughtful point that the young one will hopefully feel and believe for the remainder of his or her life.

rise before you fall and hope for something more.

the decisions we make in just 24 hours can have the capacity to age us eternally. the depth of the morning's consequences are hardly ever generous towards the night's missteps.


i predict a graceful explosion.

if you say yeasayer - i'll say all day, everyday.


we were meant for something bigger than this.

since i traded the music biz for movies at my day job, i'm very cognizant of what projects actors are committing to or what director is eying their next venture, especially those people whose work i happen to enjoy.

darren arnonfsky is a fantastic director whose got a few higher profile projects in the air and the clip below is a great 44 second reminder of his impeccable attention to detail.


all my life i've been looking for something amazing, it's almost like ive been stargazing.

even without the aubrey plaza attached video, this cover is pretty boss.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

the human soul needs actual beauty more than bread.

'one for me, two for boo.'


love before anything, real before everything.

gold room isn't just a tiny bar in echo park that serves free tacos upon request. it's also the moniker of one of my new favorite local producers. if you're unfamiliar, listen to his stellar new single below and then run through the rest of his catalogue. better late than never, even if there's no free food involved.


Friday, May 11, 2012

good luck, be safe.

passion pit's debut ep and full length were on such high rotation back in 2009. i remember when they played the echoplex and i gave my spare ticket to my (then) new boss. it was an hour and a half onslaught of fun that i still keep safely stored in the memory banks. but by years end, the band had become so saturated in everything that i benched both of those records and looked elsewhere for high energy entertainment.

fast forward a few years and whenever i revisit passion pit on shuffle or a mix, it's like excitedly picking up where i left off. the sting of michael angelakos' falsetto still puts me on a good one and while it's been said that their sophomore record will tackle a darker sense of the band, it's an enthusiastic and welcomed come back.

passion pit - "take a walk"


Sunday, May 6, 2012

nights end so much quicker than the days did.

when i saw the weeknd at coachella, i was underwhelmed. i felt that his mic was too low, his energy off and his stage presence minimal. but then i looked into the crowd and realized more than half of the people around me weren't even paying attention. the weird crowd vibe must have reached all the way to the stage. poor abel. at least he sounded good.

last night however displayed a much different scenario. playing side by side with the supermoon, he not only sounded unbelievable, but murdered the crowd and owned the stage. added bonus points for the byob policy of the hollywood forever cemetery (+ cinco de mayhem) which translated into a loose and incredibly hyped crowd. as if dancing in the darkness amongst headstones bigger than people wasn't already a trip, the drake cameo cemented the night's perfection.

the only bummer was that the old bosser was too ill to come out and play, but graciously gave me her tickets anyway. YOU DA BESTTTT. 

till we overdose,


Saturday, May 5, 2012

i feel the most alive whenever i'm at your place. getting close to your face.

sometimes we put too much faith or necessity towards those we have feelings for. it's easy to think that their presence can dismiss the things that are unsightly or unfortunate in our lives. whether it's safety or stability we crave, it's hardly ever that simple. in reality, the person we care about can only love us back, while standing helpless in the erasure of our real problems. as powerful as love can be, some issues need a little more effort and an inner rehabilitation outside of someone else.


i am not afraid of tomorrow, for i have seen yesterday and i love today.

when i first turned 21, i used to be in hollywood almost every night, bar hopping up and down cahuenga boulevard. around 23, i watched my hollywood days fade away in my rear view mirror, as my friends and i began gravitating towards more low-key situations or tucked away neighborhood haunts. and now, the only time you'll ever catch me in hwood is either at a music venue or at work. (the gofobo office is in the heart of obnoxious tourism - hollywood&highland)

the new jam from multi-continental outfit, RAC, (with an assist from the always adorable penguin prison) reminds me of all of those wild nights and the horrid late night drives all the way back to UCR.


in a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

i can respect a band changing their name for a reason like this, but i just can't get over the terrible replacement: pop etc. but with a new name comes a new direction. and as crazy as it is to think of chris chu and company not churning out delicate indie gems, this slick anthem of promiscuity actually restores my affection for the baby-faced berkeley three-piece.


in the business of words.


be there in seconds flat, just tell me where you at.



Friday, May 4, 2012

and i can do the frug.

lately i've been getting coffee drunk on the way to work (aka super hyper and caffeinated mornings) and all i want to do is drive around the city singing prince songs. however, after hearing the new twin shadow single, i'm pretty sure the next round of coffee drunkenness will be soundtracked by "five seconds".

twin shadow - "five seconds"


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

all of me is asking, all of me is thinking.

just another wednesday at work. scarlett johansson is one of my favorite actresses and it's crazy to know that we're the same age. lost in translation, always.

scarlett's walk of fame star can be found on hollywood and orange.