Saturday, December 31, 2011

make the most out of tonight and worry about it all tomorrow.

365 days is a lot of time to fuck up, succeed, exhilarate, dream, over eat and obsess. this year i allowed myself a certain amount of professional foolishness and adventure in exchange for a different sense of freedom against routine. i absorbed a variety of responsibilities that weren't always mine to hold, prioritized the unconventional and battled some monsters under the guise of growing up. my personal rejuvenation ultimately manifested in my friends and family who cared enough to call me crazy, but loved me regardless.

i always over-sentimentalize my actions and my farewell to 2011 is of course no different. for all of the memories that elicited joy and tears, cheers to the new year!

some of my favorite stuff this year - beginners, drive, the "we found love" video, FYF fest, james blake's "a case of you", any collabs between drake and rihanna, n-bombs in paris, parks and recreation, coffee (coffee) club (club), all things zooey and gosling, the relationship between liz lemon and jack donaghy, blake griffin's abs, the cuban sandwich @ paseo in seattle, redbox + booze nights, hiking griffith park, thai patio dates with my brother, handsome coffee roasters and the folks in the pictures below.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

intoxicated with the promise of the evening.

the question that's on everybody's mind for the next 48 hours!

zooey deschanel x joseph gordon-levitt - "what are you doing new years eve?"

tom & summer forever,


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

in the light of the past, everything is illuminated.

the end of the year results in most people having to tie up a variety of loose ends. whether it's professional or personal, carrying baggage into the new year probably isn't the healthiest way to move forward and create new chapters. but then there are those emotional renegades who laugh in the face of closure and run as far away from clarity as humanly possible.

i imagine this is the perfect anthem for those folks.


memory tells me that these times are worth working for.

the wear and tear of music equipment over the years is inevitable. no matter how much precaution or care one can take, the passing of time and consistent plays will eventually create a pattern of scratches and skips. and it's the hard task of the individual to evaluate what can be salvaged or what unfortunately must be discarded. the new holy ghost! track toys with similar ideas by paralleling the deterioration of a relationship with that of electronics. 

holy ghost! - "it's not over"


you can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness.

if you're feeling like the last person to get picked at the lunchtime kickball game, don't worry. you're not the only one feeling left out. 


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

in my mind i was waiting for change, while the world just stayed the same.

so ridiculously delicious i don't have anything to say about it that hasn't already been stated.

"stripped it to its most primitive and visceral core, this is music written for picture. your life is the film and this is the soundtrack."


Sunday, December 25, 2011

have yourself a merry little christmas.

happy holidays lovers.

she & him - "christmas day"



Saturday, December 24, 2011

when I’m tired I forget where my body ends and the world begins.

while i love espresso made drinks, i admittedly don't know much about coffee pour-over methods. so on thursday i made my way across town to learn the basic techniques behind the v60 at tiago coffee. the tasting was lead by 2010 world barista champion and 1/3 of handsome coffee roastersmichael phillips

highly educational (i took notes like a good little student) and extremely potent (we got to sample handsome's santa rosa, san sebastian, don medardo and ruthagati aa), it was an impressive night with a good set of folks that ultimately left me way too caffeinated to sleep at all that night. 
(totally worth it!) 

drink coffee, stay handsome.


looking for the right way to do wrong things.

unless you actually catch santa sliding down your chimney tonight, i'm just gonna assume this will be the craziest thing you'll see all day.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

you are everlasting, that thing you do.

in a hilarious small screen world ruled by liz lemon, jack donaghy, henry pollard, schmidt and the magnificently mustached ron swanson, my favoritism still remains with the stone faced side-eyes of april ludgate.

parks and recs, best show of 2011. 


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a package of rad details and little tid bits of joy.

always a sucker for polka dots, i'd love to hang one of these prints in my apartment.


they would rather hear about memories than enemies.

the name of this artist drew me in, but the song kept me intrigued. check out its slightly awkward vid below.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

when wishes are out of reach, simulation takes over our holidays.

if you're trying to combat your inner scrooge with a little christmas cheer, look no further than former tourmates kisses and keep shelly in athens as they team up on this slicker than your average holiday mixtape!


now i am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again and interesting.

on friday morning i was greeted at the media temple office with the question, "what's better in threes?" i answered, chocolate. but in reality, it was the three incredible speakers that graced the stage for the final creative morning of 2011. 

i've attended a handful of CMs and while some were more inspirational than others (ie: culturebrain and poketo), the combination of edward boatman, shannon flaherty and paul scrivens made for the perfect balance of seriousness, laughs, innuendos and jay-z lyrics. thank you creative mornings for giving me an outlet to absorb avenues of advice that help to keep me motivated as the pages in my life keep turning. 

see you next year!


Friday, December 16, 2011

comfort is a handshake at the door, an offer to take your jacket.

my mother dedicated 20+ years to her company before they relocated to texas last year. and for a few of those years, she was the world's best office manager. which meant that in middle school, i had access to the best trinkets that i shared with all of my eager classmates. dry erase boards - check. portable three hole punches and staplers - hell ya. assorted sized post-its and every color highlighter/pen/marker imaginable - you bet your ass. but the most coveted item was my abundance of white out pens. i gave them out like candy and surely got into a bit of trouble when white-out graffiti took over the undercarriages of our desks. 

while i haven't utilized white out much since its 5th grade hay-day, this video proves that for some, white out will always be too cool for school.

last meal by jake fried


Thursday, December 15, 2011

this is just the moment before it all falls down.

i was walking to lunch earlier and out of nowhere it just started pouring. as i was taking more cautious steps in my soaked toms, i heard an echoing boom and an army of clouds covered what little sunlight attempted to sneak through. everyone around me was scrambling to find shade and the busy street was beaming with break lights. it was a rare LA moment when in a silent unison, we all slowed down and waited for what would happen next.

this song reminds me of that walk. 


a shrine to fading ideals of specialness.

there's a beautiful exchange whenever people say goodbye to each other. despite it's occasional difficulty, there's an undeniable magic in tight hugs or meaningful looks. and those are the moments we keep close until it's once again time to say hello.

 youth lagoon unveils a similar beauty in his cover of the john denver's classic "goodbye again".


i wanna be the one that's on your mind, wanna be the one on your side.

my favorite band i know absolutely nothing about are streaming their latest EP. four songs on repeat all afternoon!


turn on, tune in, drop out.

the new video from flight facilities travels back into the luxurious and corny dramtics of the 1970s film industry. spoiler alert! character and plot development take a backseat to all of the decade appropriate swim wear and hilarious slow motion running.

flight facilities - "foreign language (featuring jess)"


life is uncertain, eat dessert first.

rivers & roads: by ryan&heidi


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the execution of all things.

get this for your coffee loving boo this christmas.

i'm sure i'll be seeing a lot of these in the neighborhood.


hurry up we're dreaming.

as if you needed another reason to love the city of angeles, there's october in LA.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

six cups of rebel.

i can watch people pull shots and steam milk ALL DAY. 

welcome to RBC NYC by alan gastelum.

shoutout to my favorite local roaster, handsome coffee, for the bag o' beans cameo!


fuck it. you win.

despite a familiar premise, the movie's extremely likable leads (jason segal & emily blunt) have made the trailer for the five year engagement pretty enjoyable. throw in a little andy dwyer and i think i'm game. 

the five year engagement hits the cinema on april 27th


you saw the game, take what you need.

echo mountain recordings:
a long time
no strings
the walk


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

remembrance of things to come.

his father was worth 3.2 million dots. how much would your pops be worth?

my dad is infinity.


one component at a time, there's got to be a better way.

the new single from miike snow is heavy on the dramatics. a collage of strings and horns, "devil's work" really makes a statement thanks to its sebastian tellier-reminiscent piano tones. a final push of electronics and it's easy to remember why everyone fell so hard for them back in 2009.


all that i touch will change beyond doubt.

while lead singer alania moore sings about impending violence, the plot of the new video from tennis actually unfolds in its aftermath. the lyrics express disturbing potential and a lacking fear of consequence, but the two leads remain oddly calm despite a few nervous glances and bloody appendages.

check out the new video for "deep in the woods" below.

young and old drops valentine's day.


in the freefall, i can feel the blues.

simple and understated just like its source material, the new video for islands, "this is not a song" basks in its dim-lit and melancholic beauty.

a sleep & a forgetting hits shelves february 14th.


Monday, December 5, 2011

you are the hole in my head.

i've had the pleasure (and occasional misfortune) of having KAB in my life since i was 17 years old. we've spent an unmeasurable amount of time speaking on the phone, texting stupid photos and eating ridiculous plates of food long after 2am. our friendship has survived his orange perm in high school, my handful of boyfriends he never EVER cared to get to know and missteps on a variety of levels. and through it all, he's always remained a favorite fixture in my life. a perennial soft spot that years and distance couldn't even begin to disintegrate.

he's just released a mix for local imprint huhwhat&where records entitled 'nooner'. download it here and get in the mood for lust.

friendship funfact. he's the only person in the world who calls me by my middle name.


my mind was made up, to make a quick escape.

have you ever been on a date with someone and immediately realized you were destined to be just friends? or even worse, destined to once again become strangers the second you got into the safety of your own car. 

what would you do if your strictly platonic revelation wasn't shared by the other person? what if they kept trying to get in contact or even worse, just showed up where you worked, lived, played?

the awesome new song from aussie youngsters, san cisco, has totally captured that feeling of a serious stalker situation from both sides.

san cisco - "awkward"


it's crazy all of the emotions forgot in a year.

i never turn down an occasion to type out the word glockenspiel.

so check out oh land + glock get her all around cute on below.

"white night (the line of best fit live session)"


all things will unwind.

the new school of seven bells track finds its whimsical and free flowing qualities counterbalanced by layers of strong and grounded instruments. it moves at a more erratic pace that pairs well with the movements of the nightlife. 

their new record, ghostory, drops on the last day of february,


Sunday, December 4, 2011

i didn't want the world to end without sharing this.

it's crazy when reports surface of someone's last words. the thought of inexplicably summing up your whole existence in a sentence is baffling. would you attempt to be profound? funny? or just put your voice out there without consequence.

australian trio, clubfeet, opt for the reflective route in their latest synth-heavy single.

clubfeet - "last words"


Friday, December 2, 2011

pour me a cup of you.

last night i had the pleasure of catching jamie woon's debut LA show. an intimate show at the echo was the perfect setting for his mixed bag of arrangements that focused on his tender falsetto. while most of the tracks from his stunning debut, mirrorwriting, translated well into a live format, there were a few rough moments.

and despite rocking a tiny ponytail, he's still just as handsome as he is talented. 

check out an acoustic version of lead single "lady luck" below and if you're unfamiliar, please fix that.


you can chose what stays and what fades away.

the latest single from san francisco's blackbird blackbird is an aural onslaught of momentum. as the dynamics of the song unfold, it conjures a rich beauty that's perfectly paralleled by it's accompanying water-color hued video.

blackbird blackbird - "tear'