Friday, January 28, 2011

and we, we live half at night.

after lyrically sexing each other up on more than a few occasions, the young money prom queen and king finally have a video all to themselves. check out drake (sporting a longer jewfro) and nicki minaj live up to the theatrics in their sunday bests, sharing a poolside smooch in "moment 4 life" below.

martha, you crazy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

up all night, i've got demons to fight.

there's a famous cliche about life not being about the destination, but being more about the journey. perhaps that's why people continuously make attempts to do the impressive or the impossible. because in spite of all loss and potential for failure, the silver lining shines through knowledge and experience, or at the very least - a great anecdote.

it's this idea that remains the heartbeat behind theophilus london's latest single, "why even try". featuring sara q (one half of canadian twin sister unit tegan & sara), it's a familiar story of boy, girl and heartbreak that makes the perverbial 'juice' worth the squeeze.

stream it here. theophilus' first major label release, lovers holiday EP, drops february 8th.


i go big, i go home.

the first time i was a witness to the wrath of sleigh bells, was when they opened for lcd soundsystem at the hollywood bowl in october. with just two people, a guitar and a pair of giant speakers on stage, they unleashed a spell of intense, balls-to-the-walls energy that was so hard to watch without become transfixed.

so it's great that their chill new single "rill rill" is equally magical, flipping the script to actually soundtrack the comedown at the end of a night, rather than sound like the rager itself.

have a heart,

everything that can happen in a day.

for those of you who keep incorrectly assuming that freelancing is the same as unemployment, i am here to clear the air. they aren't the same situation, so let's re-evaluate the lecture circuit.

but if i were sans a job, i'd foolishly claim this was the reason. check out the beautiful new song that's honestly more about the fragility of human interaction than an actual career from canadian indie rock foursome, the luyas.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

you're never too grown up to miss and hug 'em.

i spent new years day with 1200 of my closest strangers, a handful of my best friends, 25 dollar cups of sangria, quintessential tunes, bummed cigarettes and endless possibilities.


this song is for breakups and getaway cars.

a little personality, red beanie and a cute smile certainly never hurt anyone. and thanks to the latest clip from toro y moi, there are more than enough visual charms to go around. piecing together moments of the ridiculous with elementary camera tricks, happy feet and slow motion ghosts, it all culminates with an innuendo-soaked close up of a grapefruit being eaten. vitamin c is good for you right?

toro y moi - "still sound"

underneath the pine drops february 22nd.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

it's a fraction of the whole, but it's ours to control.

for all of you lovable fuckups out there who rely on forgiveness and secondary redemption, let the new single from swedish trio, peter bjorn & john, annihilate all of your hopeful intentions and apologetic appeals.

via stereogum

gimme some,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

i can hear you louder than ever. whisper to me, help me remember.

whenever i see a procession of letters lumped together, i never try to pronounce them as one word. instead i say each letter individually till all characters have been accounted for. so of course, it took my boss to point out that MNDR was actually supposed to have a singular pronunciation - mandar.

the brooklyn based duo (amanda warner + peter wade) have dropped their latest synth-heavy soiree courtesy of mountain dew's so-far-impressive green label sound.

download it below.


as time goes on, you have to realize what you don't know.

back in november, the influencers documentary by R+I creative caught my eye and made me re-evaluate my outlook on specific collaterals of cool. their debut episode for their new in-depth conversation series features steve stoute, founder and CEO of brand management firm, translation. having 7 years of experience arranging extremely strategic collaborations between fortune 500 companies and a variety of pop culture icons, stoute breaks down the formula for successful brand partnerships and the always evolving concept of cool.

definitely worth five minutes of your day.

game recognizes game,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

did i say too much, did i say enough?

on this 19th day in january, she & him are preaching forward movement in their new video for "don't look back". and in typical zooey and matt fashion, their future is anchored by vintage characteristics and familiar inspirations.

featuring an appreciation for classic dance parties amongst timeless designs, the future according to she & him has managed to become less intimidating and definitely more entertaining.

'focus on what is new and beautiful and advanced',

all that i know is that i'm falling, falling, falling.

because who doesn't know a super cute artist with this buried in a front shirt pocket, tote bag, oversized purse or tucked away in the safety of their backpack.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

push a button, pull a trigger.

i may not always have the correct answer, nor the perfect plan b in my back pocket. but taking inspiration from the video below, i will always try to the best of my ability.


nothing ever changes so tonight is like tomorrow night.

if the latest remix from young money cornerstones, nicki minaj and weezy f baby were delivered via twitter, it'd definitely be the battle of the #hashtag insult. for example...

yeah i said it, has been. hang it up #flatscreen
i'm a bad bitch, i'm a c*nt and i'll kick that ho #punt
now all my n*ggas get buck #overbite

i got money and the power. a woman in the shower and she don't want nothing but my johnson #howard
the ooze go brrrrrrrrrrrrr #stutter
old ass rappers. i'm still the shit #pampers

go big or go home (or at least until you're out of breath).

via nahright

like a dungeon dragon,

Monday, January 17, 2011

two superheroes, no sidekick.

the logo is sorted, the website has launched and the business cards have been ordered. it is my pleasure to officially introduce everyone to the company i am extremely proud to be a part of.

say hello to gor!llajedi.

half online marketing, half amazing,

Friday, January 14, 2011

let's spin at slow forever.

after the coldest and most rain saturated winter in los angeles, all of the gloom and water doom has finally subsided and we are once again graced with the beautiful sunlight. 80 degrees on a friday in january? yes please! i've officially yanked a tank top off the hanger, cleaned my sunglasses and rolled down all of the windows in the hoopty.

if you drive by me, there's a 99.9% chance this will be seeping from the vehicle.

courtesy of p4k

don't want the world to freak out on me,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

i need to hear it, i love to hear it.

bethany from best coast stays a personal favorite for a variety of reasons. her twitter feed is hilarious with random notes of pop culture, kanye west lyrics and fits of alcoholism. we're relatively similar in age so i understand her obsession with certain things that others would pretend to be embarrassing (ie: the OC). and a year and some change later, i'm still equally entranced by her simple arrangements and stories about yearning for her not-always-in-the-same-vicinity-significant other.

so while she may be playing late night talk shows, on countless magazines and rising, i still listen with simple ears, choosing not to see the increasingly bright lights. but instead, just keep falling in love with each song like it's my first best coast experience.

check out "when you wake up", from the split 7" with her duders wavves.

i promise you, that i won't act like a fool,

they stare at me, while i stare at you.

i've had a thing for oliver peoples' promotional shorts for a few years, even if i don't have the ends to actually buy a pair of frames for myself. in 2009, the luxury eyewear kings launched an uber stylish campaign with zooey deschanel at the helm. to accompany her signature pair of specs, they released the short, "to catch a tuesday" featuring fellow singer matt costa. in 2010, they recaptured the magic with garbage frontwoman shirley manson and everyone's favorite hobbit, elijah wood in "les enfants s'ennuient le dimanche (the children are bored on sundays)".

early in this new year, their beautiful consistency is seen through, "at the rainbow house", starring eccentric singer devendra banhart and real life girlfriend rebecca schwartz. with a keen interest on exploring intimacy and chemistry between lovers, it succeeds through what feels like a flood of voyeuristic yet cinematic snapshots. oh and the glasses aren't too shabby either.

check out all three campaigns below.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

me: dirty in theory. you: dirty in practice. us: perfect.

when i was significantly younger, i used to imagine that blimps floated in the air to drop little trinkets in the sky. sometimes i would imagine a flood of marbles, coins, popcorn or even tiny bunny rabbits being set free. i never thought about where each item went after they passed the clouds. but somehow, i always thought i knew what they would sound like upon impact with earth.

fast forward more than a few years and i've discovered where all of those idealistic and delicate sounds of my childhood went. they've all landed in the inspired tunes of san francisco dreampop outfit, blackbird blackbird. give their new album, summer heart, a spot on repeat and if kaleidoscopes are your thing, they totally understand.


my motormouth, runs over you.

employing puppets and cartoon animation, there is one thing that carries over from the realm of little dragon's new video into the real world: dancing!

check out "my step" and potentially become bummed that these puppets can cut a rug better than you.

machine dreams,

they heard me singing and they told me to stop. quit these pretentious things and just punch a clock.

the older you get, the more your ideas about love and sex drastically change. the naive point of view that was once shaped by countless romantic movies, songs and societal norms will eventually become exposed to darker and more experimental doors. when, how or if you even choose to open them is of course an entirely personal decision. but after watching the new video from british house trio, dirty vegas, it's become clear that some doors are encased in unlikely wires and crazy electrical currents.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

it's the year to be hated, so glad that we made it.

its been over a week since we all rang in the new year and by now a few of us have officially abandoned their new years resolutions. i have two resolutions. the first is the same one i've had for the past 5 years and im pretty sure will continue for longer than i'll ever remember. the second is very feasible: eat more chocolate.

for those of you who need inspiration in continuing their self-promises, perhaps these extremely rad jeremyville community service announcements will light a fire within.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

sit me down, shut me up.

if you're an avid follower of this little blog, then it's obvious that if there's a possibility to customize something, then that's the road i will take. i've been leaving my own personal stamp on gifts since i was in high school. a fact reminded to me yesterday by my friend clairose - aka dr. flowerpot - when she dug out the chair i customized as a gift back in 2002.
(that's neither the chair nor my kid. i just thought it was an adorable picture, duh).

so when i found this site back in november, i was elated. in fact the photo above is indeed a gift i gave this past holiday season. it served as my most overused word in 2010, both as an adjective and a noun and should giveaway who was the lucky recipient. so for those of you beautiful people unable to blurt out what's on their mind, or simply looking for your first steps into customization, i highly suggest the geniuses at what wood you say, for all gift giving ideas.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ten decisions shape your life, you'll be aware of five about.

as i sat watching sofia coppola's new movie, somewhere, i could only imagine the redundant criticism the film will be getting when it opens in wide release. but it won't be completely her fault. you shouldn't walk into a sofia coppola movie expecting to be blown away by quick-draw dialogue and out-of-this-world characters. her films are filled with maximum silence. plots burn slowly through beautiful cinematography, lost looks and lingering camera snapshots. character dynamics are developed through actions rather than words and it's never obvious and sometimes painfully vague.

per usual coppola standards, somewhere relates themes of loneliness, an inability to communicate and the complexity of relationships, all while sedating such shortcomings through the abuse of an onslaught of vices. while definitely not her best, i did enjoy the film and a week later, am still contemplating what i think the ending means.

elle fanning > dakota.

everyone's well dressed, everyone's a mess,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

at the end of the day, all you have is tomorrow morning.

what solidifies a vacation, besides a lack of funds upon return and a possible head cold, is the photographic evidence. whether captured on your phone, a lomography camera you thoughtfully once got as a gift, or even that beat up old digital you managed to pack, it's how the trip is presented to others is what ultimately wraps up the experience. while all stories cannot be re-told, the photos speak volumes alone and allows people to make their own assumptions about what (or whom) you did while you were away.

check out london duo, mount kimbie's impressively thorough photo set in their new video for "before i move off".

move it,

you won't need me where i'm going.

when i visited new york in 2008 i actually walked into the tiny east village radio space and watched a dj thumb through a crate, make his selection and drop the needle, before i mumbled "just having a look around".

i guess thats why i decided to press play and learn about EVR dj crew, chances with wolves. of course wowed by their clever name, i was even more impressed how they articulated their outlook towards their craft and i can only image how many golden goose records are hiding in their basement.

wolf hunting,


there i go again. wishing never solved a problem.

there are three key highlights that came to mind after i watched the new yours x twin shadow collaboration.

besides the fact the song is pretty rad and the lighting is equally notable:
1) the drummer and his crazy mane remind me of my good friend byron (whose birthday is today by the way)
2) the bassist gives the camera his best blue steel face
3) the usual promo-photo 'stache of frontman george lewis jr is now just another piece of a bearded puzzle.

check out "shooting holes" below. and yes, happy birthday children man!


Monday, January 3, 2011

i only know, what i know now.

the first time i heard about james blake, i was cooped up in a scion xb somewhere between california and oregon. the sun was starting to peek its way through a road that seemed to lead nowhere. i was half asleep and my two guy friends were pleading their case for their favorite james blake remix. they were so hyped and i didn't know why, so i went back to sleep.

upon my return, i downloaded a few EPs and understood. blake's own creations teeter on the edge of vulnerability with hints of jittery long nights. you can feel his anticipation through repetitious lyrics, syncopated sneers and the dwelling echo of lonely piano notes. it's a balance of heartache and subtle hope that doesn't need an immediate answer to provide an undercurrent of odd comfort.

check out this three song sample of tracks recorded a few weeks ago at BBC's maida vale studios.

like a map with no ocean,

i'm building a still, to slow down the time.

i've been told that sentimentality is my achilles heel. memory lane is a great place to visit, but it is no place to make yourself a home. what really makes me sentimental, is whenever i recall the first time i crossed paths with someone. my memory tends to impress myself more than others and i love remembering how a friendship began.

my friendship with strange didn't actually blossom until after we were already coworkers for over a year. in fact it only really gained momentum when i coincidentally moved down the street from him in silverlake. i asked him for advice on local places to indulge in a few drinks and cheap eats. i guess that's why i enjoy this video spotlight on my friend so much. because it was his knowledge of our neighborhood (as a new orleans transplant) that was the key that ultimately forged a connection, not just forced coworker dynamics. however, since this video was shot, strange has moved to brooklyn and now i fondly think back to our weekly friday lunches exploring the zagat guide he edited and the occasional carpool.

check out the first installment of "smile, you're in los angeles" about my friend strange created by our buddy andrew.