Tuesday, July 30, 2013

you're a diamond, i'm the rough.

this song and every incarnation of it, reminds me of you.



adventure is just hardship with an inflated sense of self.

comic-con was fun but super random. stayed with an acquaintance and ended up hanging with an old friend and a bunch of strangers. thanks to their kindness, i wasn't too lonely and ended up being really, really busy. till next time san diego. at least i'll know what to expect. highlight: standing in front of michael fassbender. oh fassy!

ps: ace acai bowls you guys got there.

SDCC 2013 coverage:


everyday still feels like the first day.

i manage my friends airbnb situation when he's out of town and occasionally pay his maid, water his plants or fedex some paperwork. i honestly don't mind because he's a great friend and there isn't much i wouldn't do for him. to thank me, he informed me on saturday afternoon that he got me a ticket to the justin timberlake/jay z show at the rose bowl. when i arrived at the venue the next day, my seat was 16 rows from the stage. needless to say, it was one of the best concerts i've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. friendship is fun.


don't let your memory die.

it felt right.


sometime the feelings inside me get messy like dirt.

damn. even his speaking voice is velvet.


Friday, July 26, 2013

pearl necklace? must be elegant.

i've been stoked on this movie since it was supposed to come out in february. thanks to cbs films for letting me cover the press conference, premiere & even let me talk to director maggie carey (aka mrs bill hader) for almost 20 minutes solo. love, love, love aubrey plaza.


never look back and never give up.

a few weeks ago my manager got me credentials to cover outfest. i've never covered it before but was looking forward to bulking up my film festival resume. all of the folks i had the pleasure to speak with throughout the 10 day festival were all very sweet and passionate talents. thanks for all of the good chats!

outfest coverage:


Thursday, July 25, 2013

there was a smoothness to his chaos.

all your safe belongs to me.


i was built to carry all of your feelings.



if you light a lamp for somebody, it will also light your own path.

no doubt.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

sometimes i still sing the songs that you wrote on my bedroom wall.

it has been a ridiculously busy week and a half. all i've done is watch movies, interview people in those films, transcribe the audio and then write and promote said articles. being busy is great, but i haven't had a chance to breathe, sleep or see other living human beings. and things aren't even about to slow down. i'm off to san diego tonight to work a few press events at comic con. as a SDCC newbie, i'll be sure to send transmissions from nerd heaven and do my best to make the con my bitch.

and it goes on & on & on.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

when you look into their eyes, you know somebody is home.

this documentary pulls at your heart strings from every possible angle. it was fantastic. now, whenever i see one of those seaworld commericals on tv, i feel a little sick to my stomach. the director and i had a very pleasant conversation last week and i look forward to seeing what she will be investigating next.


i still see you in everything i do.

sometimes it's virtually impossible to erase your mind's embed code.


got me up all night. constant drinking and love songs.

"but you'll never tell me. cause that's not our deal." - bc


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

inside the fire feeling higher than the truth.

looking to turn this cruel summer upside down.


now i've got you in my space. i won't let go of you.

last month the LA film festival had me happily running around town. my sophomore season was highlighted by tracking down the publicist for this film and getting myself a spot at the press junket.

only god forgives is an experience i can't even begin to explain. there's a lot to absorb in the neon-lit and intensely violent world of nicolas winding refn. despite gosling not being able to attend the interview, it was a pleasure to hear NWR speak in such inspired and soft-spoken undertones.


you built a fineshrine in me.

a little butter for my hectic tuesday's piece of bun.


Monday, July 15, 2013

there's a hole in your head. at least that's what everyone is guessing.

if you've been in contact with me throughout the past few weeks, then you'll know exactly what and whom i am patiently waiting for. ps: fuckyeahnancywhang.


if i recover, will you be my comfort?

you're supposed to be there when my head hurt.


Sunday, July 14, 2013

you said i was a loser. said i was a boozer.

best video i've seen in a long time.


verses starting to get a little personal now.

it's oh so quiet.


wishes on a wheel.

"nobody is ever as mysterious or cool as they think that they are." - kd


help me get out of my head.

pros & cons.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

you're a car crash waiting to happen.

"i actually have a friend – i think everyone has a friend that you grew up with who gets into drugs. but he’s very academic about it. it’s almost like trading cards for them. they do (drugs) to have a collection of experiences." - michael cera.

this movie certainly did remind me of a few friends. i dedicate this article to them and their endless stories and nights of being wild.


you got high off my devotion.

feels like this again.


Monday, July 8, 2013

drink well and prosper.

the way, way back is a great alternative to all of these subpar summer blockbusters. bonus: see steve carell play an asshole. see steve kill it.

i got to speak with the directors (my first academy award winners!) in a beautiful wind-blown hotel room in santa monica. life was good.


i know you get your kicks from your messy life.

some people thrive on chaos or drama. others deflate in the face of all of the madness. i say, as long as you make it home at the end of the night, your bed can be as rewarding as any winning lottery ticket.


it’s written with the goal of trying to uncover the space between two people.

i'm searching for you now.


i'll take the trouble that you had in mind.

there's two things that are absolutely certain in this world. 1) thing's won't change until you do. 2) i love coffee.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

cause paper hearts were meant to unfold.

measuring effort is a sliding scale of opinion. some people believe that all of their actions are filled with the highest intension, while another person could harbor completely opposite feelings within the exact same situation. matching efforts may be tough, but completely worth the trouble when you discover the right groove and appreciation on the other end.


a tooth for an eye.


trouble will find me.

if you could bottle the idea of summer in your favorite mason jar to keep year round, the sound inside the glass would sound exactly like this postiljonen jam.


i'm so tongue-tied i don't even know my lines.

all my love and all your love (together we are fine).


right thoughts, right words, right action.

i know you like it.