Thursday, March 31, 2011

don't let me let you down.

as a freelancer, finding self-motivation can be a challenge. some days, it's just as easy to ignore the alarm and roll around in the sheets, before gingerly turning on the tv to soundtrack the making of the day's first lazy latte.

it's been 8 months since i abandoned the grind of a full time gig and i can't allow myself too many mornings like that. instead, i continuously find incentive from not having to adhere to a mandatory schedule, guidelines or space. some days i even thrive knowing that i can indulge in a triumphant drink (long before a socially acceptable happy hour) cause i've finished the day's responsibilities. but what really gets the work gears in motion are the early AM emails from my boss. it's a welcomed reminder that although some of my work is done solo, there's another horse in the race counting on me to successfully cross the finish line.

while you're mulling over what motivates you on the daily, let the this banger from jersey's clams casino give you a boost.


been so long since i've made a friend like you.

if you're not a fan of winnie the pooh or miss deschanel get ready for a 5 finger slap across your pretty face.

he loves honey (at least that's what i heard),

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

when the trip and the plan fall apart in your hands.

on any given day, i can ramble for hours about everything. but then there are those moments - that surround matters of vulnerability and personal insights - where despite my best efforts, not one word comes out. instead i end up just glaring into nothing, hoping that my silence can actually relate something that my words cannot.

i promise i'm trying to learn how to communicate with more than just my wide screen eyes. until then, i'm going to use this new toro y moi jam to motivate me to formulate sentences.


let me make it up to you.

i've always felt that the phrase walking on eggshells always needed a soundtrack. while i know it's more about symbolism than the actual sound of cracking, the idea of tip toe-ing around something in its most delicate state has always been alluring. embodying characteristics of finesse, sympathy and innovation, i hear-by nominate the latest track from 17 year old irishman, moths, for the job.

moths - "summer"


the beat and the pulse.

sometimes it's not about thoughtful words or sentiments. sometimes it's about being as blunt and repetitive as possible because the message is clear and it's sans inhibition and restraint.

introducing stones throw's very own lo-fi jerkhead, vex ruffin and his debut single, "losing control". grab the limited edition post card vinyl before its m.i.a.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

take off like a rollercoaster.

i don't know much about the ocean because i don't swim, enjoy going to the beach or go on extended cruises (i get sea sick). so if you're a sea novice like myself, introduce yourself to the waters below.

hello sea,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

they were wrong, so we drowned.

people have an understandable aversion to the idea of wasting time. accomplishment and success seem to fuel the daily lives of many. but when it comes to dating, wasting time is more grey than black or white.

to some, casual dating isn't worth it. spending moments with part time strangers can be unappealing and could lead to stagnant emotions. many folks choose the serious and monogamous route because offering vulnerable and exposed sides of themselves is so personal, it should belong to just one pair of eyes.

so whatever color you project in the realm of dating, check out brooklyn emcee theophilus london breakdown why there's no grey area with this particular lady.

theophilus london feat. devonte hynes - "century girl"


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

we grew up too fast and i know, i know, this won't last.

whenever rejection enters a situation, a normal first reaction is fear. fear of how to proceed, fear of loneliness and perhaps even a fear of never being able to replace such feelings of deep affection.

while many try to chase away such demons with a cocktail of vices, the only real cure for such angst is time. so go ahead and let yourself feel something, because unlike some humans, time always moves forward.

check out how east village twosome, cults, express their distress in their latest single, "you know what i mean".


Monday, March 21, 2011

we could have had it all, rolling in the deep.

for those of you who miss the-dream (pre knocking up christina milian dream. none of this "yamaha" nonsense), then i highly suggest you turn your withdrawls towards toronto's new kid on the block, the weeknd. front and center, there's not much known about the canadian but it hasn't stopped him from blasting the interwebs with his latest and sex heavy mixtape, house of balloons.

it drips, it soaks, it guarantees action (satisfaction) in just nine songs. download it here.

drinking alize with no cereal for breakfast,

if i give in to you, there's no turning back.

i stumbled upon field notes sometime last year when i was looking for a birthday gift. i bookmarked the page but ultimately didn't pull the trigger on a purchase.

looks like i might have to revisit the idea after peeping their latest dry transfer edition.

geek out below and grab a pack here.


blink and you'll miss a revolution.

i'm probably one of the only people i know who has never played a game of soccer (futbol if you wanna go there) in my entire life. as a kid, i was prone to play basketball, volleyball or even just playing tag (i was pretty fast if i say so myself). but everyone around me was hooked. they played in weekend leagues or pick up games after school or even just kicked the ball around during recess.

in high school, everyone split into three groups: basketball players, soccer players and non-players. i forgot about soccer in college, but it has made a huge resurgence in various groups of friends all within the last two years. i see jerseys/scarves everywhere and folks are calling in late to work to catch early morning games at sports bars. so despite an absence of soccer in my upbringing, my adulthood is slowly catching up.

with that said, check out this rad video about nike's gamechanger bucket that my futbol-minded friend sent me.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

i'm still trying to make my mind up. am i free, or am i tied up?

i live in a tiny studio apartment with space limited to just bare essentials and tiny indulgences. with storage always an issue, the trunk of my car doubles as a cluttered shoe rack and my parents house is happily a secondary unit i don't have to pay for.

so discreet spaces and hidden compartments are gems i utilize when i can. find inspiration and room for the little things in your life below.


we arrive and depart in the middle.

step one. check into a swanky hotel in new york.
step two. fall in love.

'love is like life but longer' by poppy de villeneuve for the mondrian hotel in soho.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

in the twilight of these white nights.

it's double the fancy footwork in the latest bleach-background clip from stones throw crooner and do-over mastermind, aloe blacc.

blacc + baby boogaloo forever!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

excuse my charisma, vodka and a spritzer.

i've offered shoutouts to my buddy teebs on more than one occasion (exhibits A and B), but this video cements my appreciation for the magic he makes with just his hands and paint.


Friday, March 11, 2011

leers, cheers, whispers and tears.

begone dull care by junior boys was one of my sleeper records of 2009. the overall tone and intention of the record sill resonates with specific feelings that resurface every now and then.

the canadian duo's latest single, "ep", continues in their sleek and sexy tradition of meaningful beats surrounding breathy and melancholic vocals.

it's all true drops this june. gigity gigity.

bits and pieces,

it's not supposed to be rocket science.

"if your eyes follow the movement of the rotating pink dot, the dots will remain only one color - pink.

however, if you stare at the black + in the center, the moving dots turn green.

now, concentrate on the black + in the center of the photo. after a short period of time all of the pink dots will slowly disappear and you'll only see a single dot rotating."

human condition!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

it's a soft shock, to your soft side.

giving someone flowers implies a sense of fondness or care, but i've never been a fan of plastic flowers. despite their year-round appearance of beauty, up close they always tend to look a bit haggard and rough around the edges. although being convenient and cost effective, their one undeniable and positive trait is that they last forever. consistent with a thoughtful upside, i guess plastic flowers would best solidify the concept of love better than their living counterparts.

check out beach fossils' cover of "plastic flowers" by (brit post rock pioneers) the wake, HERE.

fresh cut stems wrapped in brown paper for me,

some days are better than others.

if THIS didn't make you green with paintbrush envy, i think this clip will certainly do the trick.
allow me to reintroduce you to the world's cutest french couple.


refresh the page, restart the memory.

the month of february wasn't too kind. so in an attempt to reconnect with the world and break free of apathetic tendencies, i'm returning to regularly scheduled blogging.

but before i turn the page on the last 36 days, i will sum up my feelings with the new single from beat wizkid, shlohmo. "places" feels like everything and anything in between, with a sharp angle towards somehow finding your way back home.