Monday, March 21, 2011

blink and you'll miss a revolution.

i'm probably one of the only people i know who has never played a game of soccer (futbol if you wanna go there) in my entire life. as a kid, i was prone to play basketball, volleyball or even just playing tag (i was pretty fast if i say so myself). but everyone around me was hooked. they played in weekend leagues or pick up games after school or even just kicked the ball around during recess.

in high school, everyone split into three groups: basketball players, soccer players and non-players. i forgot about soccer in college, but it has made a huge resurgence in various groups of friends all within the last two years. i see jerseys/scarves everywhere and folks are calling in late to work to catch early morning games at sports bars. so despite an absence of soccer in my upbringing, my adulthood is slowly catching up.

with that said, check out this rad video about nike's gamechanger bucket that my futbol-minded friend sent me.