Friday, October 29, 2010

the person you love is 72.8% water.

i'd like a hug, a hi-five, a platter of mimosas, an ounce of respect, a warm towel straight out of the dryer and a massage. but i'll settle for some sugar.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

for you i keep my legs apart and forget about my tainted heart.

without naming names, there are a few folks in my life who could benefit from getting some. i think it would help relax them and make them less...aggressive (or passive aggressive for others).

so for those folks, listen to lykke li's new song and go forth young bucks.


a chance is just a picture, i'd be nice if you just take it.

i really love listening to records inspired by los angeles. it's refreshing to hear different perspectives, even if the finished product doesn't entirely have nice things to say about my city.

luckily, austin-by-way-of-los-angeles producer anthony arroyo aka (el nou mon) does his hometown some justice with the perfect amount of atmospheric fuzz and flirty woodwinds.

his latest 6 track EP - fuck your bad vibes, bro - has not only become a contender for album title of the year, but sounds like all of the lost puzzle pieces that are hidden across this lovely town.

bummer solstice,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

make me sleep so badly, invisible friend.

can you believe ive gone over 100 posts without gushing about my favorite producer/musician/dj - nosaj thing? since the boys of MHD introduced me to this local beat wizard, i haven't been able to get my head out of the clouds. cloud nine status.

his debut record, drift, would've been my favorite record of 2009 - that is of course if the band phoenix didn't exist and didn't put out their nearly perfect album wolfgang amadeus phoenix. ive seen him spin and do live sets all over socal and even bought the last ticket to the debut of his visual show at the downtown independent last year. now he's set to release the accompanying, drift remixed on november 2nd. get your first taste below, courtesy of one jamie xx.

ps: get your mind blown as nosaj once again brings his stunning visual show home with another wiz kid, toro y moi, on november 11th.


fascination ends, here we go again.

on sunday, i rounded up some troops and made my way to the do-over. more like the drizzle-over, it was a spectacular sunday spent with randoms, classics, pitchers of sangria and cigarette smoke under scattered raindrops. my main motivation to go, was that parisian producer (and resident cute face), ONRA was in town.

listen to him describe his sound (his accent kills me) and watch the man play some ball in a pair of skinny jeans and a beanie. his latest record, long distance, is out now via all city.


Monday, October 25, 2010

it takes two to make a thing go right.

there are quite a few things i love about this video.

and since im a virgo, i will just list them:

1) homegirl has a giant tiger tattoo on her left arm.

2) this may be one of the cutest, musically inclined couples ive ever seen.

3) tiny animal decor!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

i will sneak myself into your pocket.

and i thought i was detail oriented.

beautiful x 100,


Thursday, October 21, 2010

if a messy desk is a sign of a messy mind, then what is an empty desk a sign of?

since i began freelancing, i don't have an office or a consistent place to sit at on a daily basis. in fact, i don't even have internet at my own apartment, which often forces me to find new workplaces at a variety of coffeeshops, libraries, friend's couches or even gor!llajedi HQ.

for me, it definitely offers a sense of adventure - that at any moment, i can just pack up my orange backpack and move the day anywhere i please. but being the sentimental sap i am, i do sometimes miss the arrangement of my old desk. there i made a home of collecting everything that had become important to me and showcased inside jokes and gifts whose mere presence sometimes carried me through the day.

with that said, you have to watch this short on the beauty and underlying meaning of the desk.

it's a reflection of my mind.


the hardest part of the business, is minding your own.

if you've spent any extended time with me since june, then you'll know my favorite part of local natives new video is the bottles of champagne spraying open during the food fight.

2nd place favorite part: the pinatas.

"who knows, who cares"

take into account it's all about to change,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

maybe so, maybe no.

we all know my future husband is on the road right now and he's been kind enough to entertain us with his choice food options in select cities.

so, come dine with mayer vs. food (and his occasionally squeaky voice).

besides, of least he's not being all gross and trying to hid his boobs with jackets, like a certain other man vs. food. imjussayin!


Monday, October 18, 2010

me and you and everyone we know.

last tuesday i made a goal to find a pair of morning benders/twin sister/cults tickets for free99. by wednesday night, i accomplished my goal and by thursday i was at the show.

the morning benders are incredibly clean, sounding straight out of your headphones or speakers, not a stage just a few feet away. most of all, there were no hints of sleep deprivation or anything preventing near perfection.

check out the berkeley cuties (with their penchant for deeply unbuttoned shirts) serenade an appreciative french crowd and please make a mental note, to not miss them when they make their way back to town.


if you don't get it, it's not yours to get.

being a california kid, i've been exposed to my fair share of quinceaneras. im familiar with the drill - the primping, the months of prep, the celebration of candles, the cheesy dancing and the massive crushes between all of the young folks involved. i myself have been involved in three filipino versions of the quinceanera (aka debut), except we partied when someone turned 18 not 15, and yes, there were always mad hook ups.

check out personal faves, best coast, provide the perfect puppy love anthem for two lucky 15 year olds in their latest video for album opener, "boyfriend".

till the very end,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

i've got that courtney love for you, that crazy shit.

people are often taken aback when i profess my undying love for beyonce and rihanna. what's the shock? am i supposed to take a side? am i allowed to not enjoy a good pop song here and there?

well i do, and more then just here and there. anyhow, throw drizzy into either mix and it's 99.9% safe to say i would've dug the track even before i heard it. so check out my latest guiltless pleasure.

besides, if jay-z can cosign on both of them, there should be no argument from me (or you!),

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

this is the trick, forget a terrible year. we can break the law, until it gets weird.

a few months ago, bruce leroy and i went on a saturday adventure that included a movie at the vista, a meal at malo, a stop at the silverlake jubilee and a booze-filled trek in downtown. we stopped at la cita to meet with his friends and ended up staying to check out two california bands from opposite ends of the state.

young prisms: a san francisco five piece treat, caters to the lo-fi and melodic shoegaze set with refined textures and big echos.

catwalk: hailing from the 'nard, these youngsters will remind you of everything you loved about the best parts of the 80s - a collage of ride, moz and the cure with a lovable tambourine sidekick.

give 'em a chance and if needed, you can thank me later,

always leave a little to chance.

you'd be hard pressed to find someone whose not a sap for a pair of good kisses. los angeles has its fair share of candidates, but my favorite belong to jesse kivel and zinzi edmundson. Better known as KISSES, the duo's debut, the heart of the nightlife, drops today.

although their latest (and self-titled) single has elements reminiscent of their debut track, "bermuda", it's still worth a stroll around the block, hand-in-hand with your sweetheart.

kisses - "kisses" MP3 (via stereogum)


Monday, October 11, 2010

there is love in you.

kieran hebden aka four tet, might as well change his moniker to clark kent. cause like superman's reserved alter ego, he's got the ability to impress you with just a flip of a switch. hebden has an insatiable knack for taking already stellar tracks and flipping them into even more incredible, sexytime anthems.

clark kent to superman and back, in just the turn of a few mpc knobs and understated sex appeal.

check out four tet's flip of the Lindstrøm and Christbelle track "lovesick" and get ready to dim the lights.


it's like a book delicately bound, but in a language that you can't read.

entwining carefree 80s inspired synths with handclap patterns and a highly flirtatious melody, aeroplane's remix of aussie duo, the gypsy & the cat's "the piper's song" feels perfectly familiar with just enough swagger to inject pep into anyone's step.

the gypsy & the cat - "the piper's song" (aeroplane remix) MP3

(via the fader)

good to bad, good to bad,


even though i'm losing, doesn't make me a loser. yet.

if you're in the mood to swoon wherever you happen to be, let long island fivesome, twin sister, sweep you off your feet. sleek instrumentation with a breathy frontwoman singing sweet afterthoughts and inspired wishes, it's just enough dreaminess to get you through yet another monday on the calendar.

if you forget it all, i will bring it with me,


Friday, October 8, 2010

if you wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.

as the days pass, i've noticed that ive become increasingly more and more afraid of heights. mild panic has become stronger when riding extremely tall elevators, building edges can't be approached and even roller coasters are barely even an option.

to quell such an issue, i'd like to one day jump out of a plane or bungee jump. but what i'd really love to test as a cure, lies in the beautiful and heat powered balloons below.

up in the air,


Thursday, October 7, 2010

i have a life. and it only goes in one direction. forward.

brooklyn's got a new mustache on the scene - and it belongs to george lewis jr, aka the voice behind twin shadow.

saturating the internet since earlier in the year, his debut album dropped a few weeks ago via chris taylor's (grizzly bear) terrible label. and despite only making it in time to catch his last three songs at school night on monday, i can't stop spinning this record.

forget me not

Sunday, October 3, 2010

rhythmic articulation(s) of feeling.

as an english major, my favorite classes were those centered around american literature of the 1950s. more specifically, i fell in love with anything that came out of the beat generation. kerouak, burroughs and ginsberg defined the last two years of my college experience. so when i found out they made a movie about the infamous obscenity trial of my favorite poem, HOWL by allen ginsberg, i made the film a priority of the weekend.

interweaving clips of a poetry jam, courtroom cross examinations, anecdotes and interviews, the film is intermittently interrupted with illustrations personifying different stanzas of the poem. featuring a brilliant performance from james franco (and a cameo from don draper himself), HOWL was a beautiful yet jagged screenshot of an inspired writer and his muses.

and the beat goes on,

Friday, October 1, 2010

would you always, maybe sometimes. make it easy? take your time.

no one is more glad than me to look at the calendar and see the first of october. i was over september just a few days into it. so despite the fact that this means rent and another wave of bills is due, i'm looking forward to something new.

what better way to kick off the month than with a friday afternoon dance party courtesy of my current favorite brooklyn four-piece small black and their hell of a new single, "search party".