Sunday, May 26, 2013

we take our empty hearts and fill them with broken pieces.

sometime last year my brother lent me two DVDs with the hope that i would not only find them entertaining, but would develop a connection with the lead character's relationship. i put them on the shelf only to forget about them until a few weeks ago, when i received an invitation to the before midnight junket. the third film of an improbable indie movie trilogy, i immediately dug out before sunrise and before sunset and finally saw what the hype was all about.

before midnight finds jesse and celine in their early 40s. after almost 20 years of courtship on-screen revealed in 9 year intervals, the film sees the couple struggling with many realistic issues long term lovers find difficulty reconciling. as the film pulses along with director richard linklater's signature one-shot takes filled with intriguing dialogue and innuendos, i found myself slightly blindsided by the brutal climax of the third act. not shy of going too far or reveling in the inappropriate, before midnight ends the same way it's predecessors did. unsure of the future but my god are we rooting for the best.


too old to be new, too new to be classic.

"best version, of what i could imagine. just happened." 


Thursday, May 23, 2013

now the problems with me, are in you.

on monday i substituted tall taiwanese kids for the holy ghost! and classixx show at the troubadour. despite original company not being able to attend, LFC_ and i had a grand ol' time. while i've seen classixx dj a handful of the best parties i've ever been to (do-over new years 2011 in particular), their live set is even more impressive. and since falling in love with their self-titled debut two years ago, holy ghost! was damn near drunken-front-man-perfection. they also had the craziest stage set up i've seen in a really long time.


you're so heavy in my heart.

the gravitational pull of what doesn't do a body good is often very difficult to argue with. even when everybody else seems to know better, that essential sense of clarity only arrives when it's much too late. with their killer new single, danish duo quadron joins forces with LA golden boy kendrick lamar to relate such complex desires.


past the limits of your mind.

i'm on the side of anything that sounds this good.


nothing but time and a place that you lose.

despite alexander skarsgard having to drop out of the junket, i'm very glad i covered his latest film. not only is it one of the most engaging films ive seen this summer, but it features a fearless and remarkable performance from an adorable 7 year old girl. hard to watch at times, what maisie knew is a must see for it's truth and sense of hope. (added bonus for scenes at the high line and skarsgard-kid chemistry)


Sunday, May 19, 2013

i just want to hear your body talk.

like a crinkled asian advertisement for seedy after-hours strip clubs, the new weeknd song sounds like it's just as greasy and filled with the dirtiest of late night bad ideas.


ready for the worst before the damage was done.

welcome to the inner versions of my mind.


can we make it out alive?

the new video for the diana jam, "born again", is the definition of what every night should be capped with. an assault of beauty on the ears and a mess for the eyes, indulge yourself and try to soak it all in.


let's just cruise till the sun shines.

"keep your heart strong, love long and give kisses when you can." 


i'm a stranger, not yet discovered.

god bless the synthesizer.


to make others less happy is a crime. to make ourselves unhappy is where all crime starts.

really good days are usually followed by a string of subpar attempts. sometimes it's not in the cards to replicate the happiness of a perfect situation. that especially holds true when that 24 hour span may have included an introduction to someone who immediately stole your attention.


sending thanks to every corner of the earth.

your mind is capable of playing terrible tricks on you. nothing is more savage than the period of time that you spend apart from someone you miss. as you begin to see signs of life in the impossible, don't freak out. it's those mirages that hold you over until reality sweeps in with tangible happiness.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

the problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.

my brother asked me if i really liked holy ghost!
the answer was a resounding and definite yes. 


the world keeps turning, life goes on.

future husby x jessie ware collabo...i was hooked long before even pressing play.


keep my eyes open and my lips sealed.

weaving in and out of deliberate sweetness and utterly swoon-worthy layers, this new ryan hemsworth track is as sunny and hopeful as the beginning of every summer.


Monday, May 13, 2013

about ennui and disenchantment, more dreamy than zany.

the delicate balance i enjoy about alunageorge in their original tunes has carried over in this excellent dirty projectors remix. here, there and everywhere, the track bangs and lullabies at various grooves.


got you shackled in my embrace, i'm latching onto you.

never before have i been so moved by a dim lit widow's peak.



seven reasons to get ahead, seven reasons to drop out.

last week disney invited me to interview the super cute kid from iron man 3. it was my first time taking to someone after a movie has come out, but little ty simpkins was a trooper and gave me some totally good stuff.

in case you haven't seen it. watch it. RDJ is the best.


Friday, May 10, 2013

it's the tension between their brains and their hearts that continues to drive them.

sometimes you've got to believe in something outside of yourself.


sarcasm cause i can't stand being sweet to silence. should be here with me.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

i've got the pieces, if you've got the time.

there's a big portion of my life and daily entanglements exiting for 50+ days this summer. it will be a huge adjustment that will require work from both parties to sustain a peanut-butter-loving and important connection. while not ideal by any means, the plan is to enjoy such handsome company till the calendar says otherwise and to squeeze as much sweetness as inhumanely possible.

with that said, i feel like the warmest days of the year will be classified as summer with and summer without. after that, i am looking forward to the us in august.