Friday, December 31, 2010

rule number seventeen.

2010 has definitely been the year of the unpredictable. filled with sacrifice, adventure, apologies, gratitude and imagination, this year put me in situations i'll always remember and others i'll never shake off the feeling of regret. with only a few hours left, i felt the need to look back fondly and to thank my lucky stars for not totally abandoning me.

my favorite record of the year was lcd soundsystem's this is happening (kanye you only lost out by one point), my favorite movie was split between black swan and the social network, my favorite songs featured either guest verses from drake or nicki minaj, i rediscovered how enjoyable it was to come home to a roommate (or house guest), i learned to appreciate walking around LA and it's various modes of public transportation, i drank more coffee in the past 12 months than i probably had in 12 years combined and after rent and bills were paid, the most important thing in my life remained hundreds of inside jokes and the people i shared them with. my favorite concert was sxsw day 2, my favorite location is "pizza joint corner", i customized almost every present i made, mad men's "the suitcase" was the best hour of television all year and when i care about someone, loyalty and going that extra mile are essential ways to show it.

with each year comes change and this year's challenges has left me even more obsessed with the notion of trying to become a better person. don't let me let you down 2011.

love always,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

everything you own in a box to the left.

my wonderful mom thinks that curly hair is supposed to be called 'kinky'. we could be anywhere and mommy dearest will whisper to me, "look at her. she's so kinky".

so, if you're a fan of the kinky (don't worry, i won't tell) and good music, i suggest pressing play below.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

worse comes to worse, my people stay first.

in 1996, there were 15 songs that changed my life and they all happened to come from the same album. i can still remember the day i bought beats, rhymes & life - the fourth studio opus from a tribe called quest on CD. in fact i still have it. scratched and scarred, it's outlived my entire collection of music from that era and once was the subject of an A- english 260 paper.

actor/white boy funny man michael rapaport, has just released the trailer to his highly anticipated documentary about the legendary queens trio called none other than beats, rhymes & life: the history of a tribe called quest. with mad cameos, behind-the-scenes goods from the past two years and a stones throw supervised soundtrack, it's tailor made for longtime fans and young turks who need more than a history lesson via wikipedia.


open your eyes and there was someone else.

the name body language implies a certain amount of movement. luckily the brooklyn four piece oblige with more than enough layers of funk fueled by moments of disco and indie-pop characteristics. their latest four song release, social studies EP, is available for easy freezy - a recession obsession to kick off the holiday gift giving season.

besides, who doesn't enjoy a good boy/girl harmony here, there and everywhere?

eyes off the ground,