Thursday, March 31, 2011

don't let me let you down.

as a freelancer, finding self-motivation can be a challenge. some days, it's just as easy to ignore the alarm and roll around in the sheets, before gingerly turning on the tv to soundtrack the making of the day's first lazy latte.

it's been 8 months since i abandoned the grind of a full time gig and i can't allow myself too many mornings like that. instead, i continuously find incentive from not having to adhere to a mandatory schedule, guidelines or space. some days i even thrive knowing that i can indulge in a triumphant drink (long before a socially acceptable happy hour) cause i've finished the day's responsibilities. but what really gets the work gears in motion are the early AM emails from my boss. it's a welcomed reminder that although some of my work is done solo, there's another horse in the race counting on me to successfully cross the finish line.

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