Friday, December 16, 2011

comfort is a handshake at the door, an offer to take your jacket.

my mother dedicated 20+ years to her company before they relocated to texas last year. and for a few of those years, she was the world's best office manager. which meant that in middle school, i had access to the best trinkets that i shared with all of my eager classmates. dry erase boards - check. portable three hole punches and staplers - hell ya. assorted sized post-its and every color highlighter/pen/marker imaginable - you bet your ass. but the most coveted item was my abundance of white out pens. i gave them out like candy and surely got into a bit of trouble when white-out graffiti took over the undercarriages of our desks. 

while i haven't utilized white out much since its 5th grade hay-day, this video proves that for some, white out will always be too cool for school.

last meal by jake fried