Sunday, September 4, 2011

nothing to me feels as good as laughing incredibly hard.

a few weeks ago, my friends (sophie and nina) and i decided to volunteer for FYF fest in exchange for free tickets. i attended the event last year and despite too much dust, long ass lines and a drunken misstep at the afterparty, i enjoyed myself. this year promised to have taken care of many issues from last year's clusterfuck and you know what? it delivered. the lines were manageable, water was readily available and the dust...well you can't do much about that.

after the most hilarious lunch in recent memory, we managed to take the gold line in and arrive just in time for cults. a 9 dollar sailor jerry drink later we caught the tail end of cold war kids. after trying to finish my carne asada burrito in record time, we realized we wouldn't make it to see four tet (sadface) so we ended up watching broken social scene's beautiful 50 minutes. yacht from super far sounded fun and then the main event (at least for me) was nosaj thing. a brand new audio and visual set made it even more amazing then i remembered. a quick bee-line to the honeycomb lights of simian mobile disco and we wrapped it up with a stellar explosions in the sky nightcap.

free tickets are always ace, but good friends to share the day with make the memories even sweeter.