Friday, May 11, 2012

good luck, be safe.

passion pit's debut ep and full length were on such high rotation back in 2009. i remember when they played the echoplex and i gave my spare ticket to my (then) new boss. it was an hour and a half onslaught of fun that i still keep safely stored in the memory banks. but by years end, the band had become so saturated in everything that i benched both of those records and looked elsewhere for high energy entertainment.

fast forward a few years and whenever i revisit passion pit on shuffle or a mix, it's like excitedly picking up where i left off. the sting of michael angelakos' falsetto still puts me on a good one and while it's been said that their sophomore record will tackle a darker sense of the band, it's an enthusiastic and welcomed come back.

passion pit - "take a walk"