Monday, August 1, 2011

it doesn't feel like i'm a part of your life. it feels like i'm on vacation.

earlier tonight, i caught an advanced screening of bellflower. i'd seen the trailer and was not quite sure was the movie was even about, but the early reviews were intriguing enough for me to want to check it out (at least a free screening).

bellflower is the small budget brainchild of one evan glodell. pulling a triple threat, he wrote, directed and starred in this indie darling that faired pretty well at both sxsw and sundance. for me, the biggest appeal of the film was the beautiful way the movie is captured. filmed with an exclusive hand built camera, every color, shade, movement and explosion is highly idealized. each frame is intensified by a haze of fury and passion that seeps into your consciousness, eagerly awaiting what's next. 

while the acting is subpar at certain intervals and the movie takes a second to pick up some stream, it definitely was a visual assault i'm still trying to process. i'm still undecided about how much of the film i really enjoyed. but the film does succeed in leaving a last impression. whether it's a good or bad one, i'm sure will lead to some interesting future discussions.

bellflower will be unleashed in certain theaters this friday.