Saturday, June 16, 2012

there is no progress in love. it will always be a surprise.

i've been lucky enough to experience a lot of fun and random situations in just my third month of employment. but on friday, i jumped head first into a marathon of press and absorbed every delightful moment. spending the afternoon at the four season in beverly hills, i attended my first press junket for the upcoming dreamworks picture, people like us starring chris pine, elizabeth banks, olivia wilde and michelle pfeiffer.

armed with a voice recorder, a flip cam and notes galore, i nervously sat in on four roundtable discussions and executed two individual interviews with director alex kurtzman and soundtrack contributor liz phair. being the rookie i am, i was interested and impressed by the talent in the movie as well as the other press outlets around me. disney hospitality was on point and kept things running smoothly.

btw, elizabeth banks was even more beautiful in person. go avery jessup!