Friday, May 13, 2011

i know you've been waiting for the thunder, let's give 'em an indian summer.

it's ridiculously embarrassing, but sometimes i have a difficult time pronouncing certain (simple) words. despite repeated practice or even pausing to think about a word's pronunciation before attempting to say it...certain sounds just escape me. a glowing example is sushi chef. i literally cannot say it correctly. ever.

another word that i still have yet to perfect, despite my glowing affection for him is: theophilus. my god. even typing it out, i shivered at trying to attempt a correct pronunciation. so there is no one more excited for his latest single, "last name london".  TL repeats his first (and obviously last) name over and over and over. maybe i'll perfect how to say it before his highly anticipated debut full length, timez are weird these days drops on july 19th. perhaps.