Saturday, June 11, 2011

i still don't have a reason and you still don't have the time.

there's been a gnarly cinema trend of male actors i don't like being paired up with actresses i love. for example, i just sacrificed a dollar to watch no strings attached via redbox cause i adore natalie portman, but despise ashton kutcher. yes the movie was pretty terrible with a handful of cute moments (i waited this long to watch it for a reason), but i'm a sucker for keeping up with my favorites even if i awknowledge beforehand that i'm probably in for a shit show.

latest movie head-scratcher pairing is rachel mcadams (yay!) and the subpar channing tatum (blah) in 2012's the vow. but i know i'll prolly get around to watching this even if its just in the comfort of my non-judging living room, so here's the trailer anyway. oh and helllllo scott speedman two second punch-out cameo.