Wednesday, June 22, 2011

leave that nine to five upon the shelf and just enjoy yourself.

today my little blog turns one. this time last year, everything changed and i wanted to have something that remained mine. and 302 posts later, these are all of my words and my experiences. 

this has been the craziest year of my life. filled with all ends of the spectrum, i survived and learned more about my life than i could have ever imagined. i've always been obsessed with becoming a better person and what that means not just to myself but to others. whether i've actually accomplished that still remains to be seen, but i know that i've certainly grown, changed and have kept the experiences of substance close to my heart. 

everything about the last year was about moving forward, balance and the art of letting go. the witnessing of my grandmother's unexpected passing in february is a haunting feeling that remains an issue that i'm still trying to sort through and accept. it's a solitary emotion that i'm sure will eventually heal, but has definitely made the past few months some of the most difficult. 

freelancing has also taught me a lot about self-motivation, execution and the importance of communication between a company of two. thank you gorillajedi for an entire catalogue of amazing memories that will always outlast the confines of a normal work day. 

most importantly, i'm looking forward to what's next with the people that mean the most.