Sunday, June 26, 2011

you on point phife? all the time tip.

on friday i had the pleasure of checking out a special screening of beats, rhymes & life: the travels of a tribe called quest at the ford amphitheater

i mentioned how stoked i was for the release of this documentary back in december and under a blanket of city stars and a steady outdoor breeze, it did not disappoint. starting from the very beginning (you get the pleasure of seeing tip and phife in elementary school yearbook pictures), the film explains the group's formation, how they chose their iconic name, zulu nation/native tounge ties, inner dynamics, insecurities, as well as a thorough breakdown of their first three legendary albums (with brief coverage of their final two). 

director michael rapaport was able to capture all four original members in various stages of ecstasy, anger, vulnerability and health. and despite your level of ATCQ knowledge, the film helps to cement tribe's status of importance in the realm of hip hop and within your own personal memories.

you have to see this. trust.

a-e-i-o-u and sometimes y,