Wednesday, June 8, 2011

once you make friends with your neuroses, you can plan a life.

without cable, my beautiful samsung flatscreen lcd tv only gives me three channels. (four if you count the fact i have two channel 11s). it's probably an antenna issue but nonetheless, i only have channels 9, 11 and 13. for those of you who live in socal (which im guessing is everyone), that means i only have one channel of original programming as 9 and 13 just recycle reuns, informericals, the news and a shitload of tmz all day long. so i must admit to watching almost everything on channel 11 and having ridiculous knowledge of embarrassing or random tv programs. 

for example, i recently got into raising hope. not sure if that falls more towards the random or embarrassing, but i know that bijou philips starred in the pilot episode as a serial killer who has a baby (named princess beyonce!) right before getting executed. so after watching broken social scene's latest video for "sweetest kill", i've learned that there's obviously something about bijou philips that screams murderer.

this video is actually pretty gnar gnar. watch until you squeal.