Wednesday, June 29, 2011

if you're this crazy now, there's no telling what's in store.

yesterday around 5pm, my good friend vizion offered me suite tickets for the rihanna show at staples center. i've explained my love for the barbados pop star in the past and without a shadow of a doubt was excited for the show. 

10 things i learned from last night's rihanna show.
when in dancing doubt, squat down and flap your thighs.
if you're a tween and didn't know what dry humping was before, you sure got an advanced lesson.
she splits her show between sex pot jams, ballads and a medley of hits where she sang the hook.
those drum tricks that travis barker taught her last year are still put to use with an awesome rendition of sheila e's 'glamorous life'
she sang for two hours straight, no lip synching. 
great use of a treadmill in heels. no falling tonight!
she's making a run at beyonce's best thighs in the music game.
my god she has so many hits. totally forgot about 'hate that i love you'.
the crowd was a good mix of ages and a lot of guys still in full dance mode post last week's SF pride parade.
she chose a middle aged man to dry hump on stage. an odd choice at first, but she probably choose him cause there would be less chance for #bonerjams.

spending the show with gaps (who matched my fandom) and vizion's little brother (who hilariously got all giggly whenever there was girl-on-girl contact) was the perfect balance for such a crazy, high production show.