Saturday, December 29, 2012

a drunk mind speaks the sober heart.

it has been a long 12 months. when you have a lot of free time, you tend to demand answers for all of the things you assume to be wrong with your life. at the beginning of this year, no one let me down more than myself and it was a difficult climb back from that realization. 

then there was a shift in the air and i landed a new gig. it allowed me to take my casual interest in movies/pop culture and turn it into a full on love affair. i saw 52 movies this year (some for work and others for pleasure). i've spent a bit of time in some of the nicest boutique hotels in LA talking to people about the cinema. i've sat directly in front of some of my favorite actors. i've mustered the courage to ask them questions. i've become comfortable conducting one-on-one interviews in isolated hotel rooms. i've written about these experiences to promote films. i've learned to work the press line at movie premieres and be aggressive to get what i need. all of this, has helped me feel useful and less weak. 

with each passing year, i prioritize and appreciate all of the small things and the details that shape them. each inside joke, triumphant night out, thoughtful conversation, shared meal or late night heart-on-your-sleeve-go-about, i've found something meaningful. i want to carry that feeling into the new year and share it with those whom i love and admire. 

for my family and handful of confidants, i've tried my damnedest to make you proud and to show you that my heart is built upon our interactions and your importance in my everyday. love you fuckers.

thank you universe for cutting me the occasional break. 2013, let's get it on.

my favorite things the past 12 months: looper, rust & bone, silver linings playbook, safety not guaranteed, the acting of emily blunt & rosemarie dewitt, working the avengers premiere (scarjo + RDJ = AHH!), murakami sushi, jessie ware's "wildest moments", FYF 2012, carchella + hotella, solange's "losing you", discovering RHYE, the joy of otter pops/the tallest of giraffes, miguel's sophomore record, goldroom/ghost loft original tracks, chad valley, telling my brother to GFY, women's cousins day, smiling at joseph gordon levitt, birthday drinks with the bosser, surprise visits from papa V, g&b coffee/sqirl and catching up on jessica chastain's filmography. 

cheers for the tears and fears,