Saturday, April 21, 2012

memories don't live like people do. they always remember you.

 coachella is a very love/hate situation. i appreciate the assault of music, the roaming feeling of possibility and the company you choose to keep. i despise the dank bathroom situations, the smelly hippies and the flux of ridiculously bad dancing you just can't escape. after attending for work many years in a row, i took a year off and made a triumphant return last weekend sans the weight of responsibility.

the reason for the weekend's success was simple - i surrounded myself with the best. jenn, louvain, ivy and KC you guys were the secret weapon, the hole-in-one, the royale with cheese. our unspeakable saturday over-indulgence will go down as one of my best coachella memories ever. with cameos from the doctor, pare, our version of christina aguilera, brotherbear + lady and rihanna, our time in the desert couldn't have been more symmetrical or amazingly entertaining.

i'm still laughing at what we did. #HAM.