Saturday, September 29, 2012

good luck, bad luck. survival.

i've been super excited for looper to come out since sony started heavily promoting it a few months ago. as a huge fan of joseph gordon-levitt and writer/director rian johnson since their first collaboration in 2005 with the stylishly noir high-schooled offering brick, i knew looper would delivery on my heavy expectations. i am happy to confirm that it not only shattered my mind but boasted performances that continuously knocked it out of the park. 

after screening it on monday, i attended the press junket the next day at the four seasons in beverly hills. i got to ask JGL a question about the fantastic emily blunt and once we made eye contact i couldn't be broken of his charming spell. the photo above was taken by actor noah segan (he plays kid blue) and answers friend's questions of what a junket roundtable looks like. 

click here to read the spoiler-free article i wrote about the movie and yes, i used the answer JGL gave me. GO SEE IT. NOW.

your face looks backwards,