Friday, March 9, 2012

operation: keep in better touch.

it's official. i've changed my opinion on channing tatum. granted, i still don't agree with him in overly romantic or dramatic roles - he just doesn't have the range. but after last night's screening of 21 jumpstreet, i've come around to appreciating him in a comedic setting.

i had little to no expectation for the remake and was genuinely surprised by just how hilarious and enjoyable it turned out to be. with cameos from ron swanson, new girl's nick miller and an unrecognizable johnny depp, it was a nice balance of sarcasm, physical comedic, raunch and buddy cup banter. and as with superbad or bridesmaids, for me the best parts were the moments that managed to sweetly highlight the importance of friendship. it's honestly worth your time even if it takes a minute to pick up.

red band trailer below.

you the man jonah hill.