Tuesday, May 31, 2011

where you been darling? we've been holding this moment for you.

i've been wanting to watch bridesmaids for a while, but i knew that i should watch it with some girlfriends rather that on a date. i was right. at the core of bridesmaids isn't even a story about a wedding. it's really about friendship and despite how much it can change, evolve and at times suck beyond belief - real bonds are impossible to erase.

with beaming nods to the importance of love and loyalty, the film also successfully balanced being ridiculously funny with wildly obscene moments that will surely satisfy the male demographic being dragged by the ladies in their lives. extra kudos to the impeccable casting and for introducing me to the charming mr. chris o'dowd.

bridesmaids > the hangover 2
and if you don't believe me, check out the outtakes below. don draper you're killing me.

who doesn't love that wilson phillips song?!