Saturday, January 5, 2013

success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. you must set yourself on fire.

confession. whenever i'm impressed with a performance from an actor or actress, i go back and try to watch their most recent filmography. as i admitted on my new years eve post, i became obsessed with the acting of emily blunt earlier this year. so i went back and tracked down her last few films, which lead to me to the adjustment bureau, co-starring matt damon. shortly after watching that movie, i was invited to the press junket for promised land. co-written and co-starring damon and john krasinski (aka emily blunt's husband).

to bring it all full circle, promised land also stars the always impressive rosemarie dewitt (who in the past year has co-starred with emily blunt in the criminally underrated your sister's sister and john krasinski in nobody walks).

needless to say it was a pleasure talking to damon, krasinski and dewitt. as for the film, the performances are beautiful and grounded, i just wish the film could've stuck the final landing. 

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