Thursday, July 19, 2012

if it's crowded all the better, cause you know were gonna be up late.

the second to last time i saw lcd soundsystem perform was an emotionally fucked-up day. i found out my aunt had suddenly passed and i debated quitting my job (spoiler alert: i did). when they played, "someone great", i remember fighting a losing battle against tears. that song has always been an all-time favorite and after that night, i still can't hear it without getting a little misty-eyed.

two years later, lcd soundsystem is no longer together. as devastating as it was to hear at the time, they've offered their fans a sense of closure with the stellar documentary shut up and play the hits. it was one hell of a going away present and a perfect ode to my favorite band.

after successfully completing a july 18th one-night-only stand, it's theatrical run has been extended due to popular demand. i highly recommend giving it some attention if you enjoy good music and a coffee-loving, charismatic front-man.