Sunday, November 4, 2012

who doesn't like a brat with dirty hair?

a few weeks ago i got to cover the wreck-it ralph junket at the historic beverly hills hotel. i scored individual interviews with director rich moore, screenwriter phil johnson, producer clark spencer and 30 rock's jack mcbrayer (aka fix-it felix jr!). on top of that, i sat in on roundtables with john c. reilly, jane lynch and sarah silverman (who hilariously told me i should dress up as mulan for halloween cause i'm asian). i also worked the red carpet premiere on monday.

in my humble opinion, wreck-it ralph is the best animated movie of the year and to learn about its journey to the big screen from the dedicated filmmakers and charming cast was an unparalleled treat.

i wrote these if you're interested:
wreck-it ralph: cast talks comedy democracy, smart alecs & the 'greatness in your code'
wreck-it ralph: filmmakers discuss what makes a good comedy & who is 'the secretary of awesome'
wreck-it ralph: jack mcbrayer lends his southern charms to fix-it felix jr

to say working press for a disney movie is a pleasure is a severe understatement!

i'm gonna wreck it!