Wednesday, October 3, 2012

swim and sleep like a shark.

a movie i've heard a lot about over the past few months was the satirical, dark comedy butter. when i went to the odd life of timothy green junket, jennifer garner talked a little about it, as did ashley green during the apparition's press day. my friend also saw it at a film festival last year and gave it a rave review.

so when an opportunity to catch the movie last week opened up, i jumped at the chance. starring garner, green, olivia wilde, hugh jackman, rob coddroy, alicia silverstone and ty burrell, the film relates the high-stakes and ridiculous world of butter carving in a small iowa town. while hilarious on a few levels, olivia wilde owns as a foul mouthed, tatted-up, bmx riding stripper named brooke.

butter is out in limited release next week.