Thursday, September 20, 2012

you go ahead, i’m gonna meet you there.

i personally am not a big fan of cop movies, but after hearing such awesome things about the new jake gyllenhaal, michael pena and anna kendrick flick, end of watch, my curiosity was in overdrive.

after a free ben lyons' screening on wednesday, i am a full believer of the hype. end of watch was heartwarming, honest, hilarious and left me emotionally connected and concerned. despite bawling my eyes out by the closing credits, i walked out satisfied for the intense journey the film provided. it's got some found footage/hand held action, but don't be discourage as it's minimal. gyllenaal turns in a golden performance, while his chemistry with both pena and kendrick really giving the film it's heart and soul. i can't recommend this movie enough.

watch your six.