Friday, September 14, 2012

point your pistols to the sigh.

everybody always tells me that i look familiar or that i look like someone they know. after all these years i've come to the conclusion that my baby face is a big factor. i think it makes people feel at ease or somewhat comfortable because they probably assume i'm harmless underneath these chubby ass cheeks and owl eyes. i also think that such familiarity allows people to share with me a lot of personal anecdotes or things usually reserved for the best of friends or within the confines of a relationship.

at any rate. a friend of a friend introduced himself to me today and immediately disclosed feeling something familiar in our conversation. he then proceeded to tell me one of the craziest stories i have ever heard and admitted that most of what he shared was in confidence. an hour later i'm still obsessing about what he told me and once again, im chalking it all up to the cheeks.

this new poolside track feels like all of the things that come up in conversations with strangers and the limits that seem to disappear once we begin.