Thursday, August 30, 2012

lose your hang ups, find your calling.

female friendships are complex little fuckers. we bitch, we moan, we love, we appreciate, we miss and we apologize (well, some of us do). sometimes our bonds are infinite. other times they sadly become nothing more than a fond but passing memory. 

in terms of the silver screen, it's rare to see the genuine closeness of bitches (used in this case lovingly, not derogatory) in our natural habitats, when friendship turns into a type of sisterhood that requires the occasional declaration of love and affection.

if you've ever had a BFF, i highly recommend 'for a good time, call...' not only does it hit the complicated nail right on the head, but it all goes down in a world full of hilarious phone sex operating. this is one of my favorite movies this summer and after talking to the talented folks behind the film, can't wait for others to share in my joy.