Saturday, July 14, 2012

unwitting tools capable of linking past and future.

my favorite band in college was a trio called the like. i went to all of their local shows, religiously rocked one of their merch pins at all times and knew the words to every song. as my taste post graduation changed, my allegiance ran its course but always managed to leave a soft spot. now 10 years and a few line-up changes later, they've parted ways and former lead singer, z berg, has teamed up with a few other favorites from my past to form jjamz.

an acronym for jason boesel (formally of rilo kiley), james valentine (formally of maroon 5), alex greenwald (formally of phantom planetblackblack), michael runion and berg, their music transports me to the carefree age of 22 and it's a very welcomed backslide for the ears and mind.

their debut full length, suicide pack, is out now.