Sunday, July 1, 2012

keep breathing, find skin you believe in.

i know i'm totally in the minority, but i'm proud to say that i've never seen any of the harry potter films. in spite of my friends accusing me of "hating imagination" (a hilarious way to point a finger BTW), i'm just not into those types of narratives. try to convince me all you want...unless michael fassbender himself asks me to see a potter flick. it.just.ain't.happening. 

in a way it kinda works to my advantage. because i can look at daniel radcliffe and not be pigeonholed into only seeing a wizard in those dorky, circular frames. i like radcliffe and think he's got that british quick fire charm on lock. so as he flashdances his way through slow club's latest music video, i'm totally amused sans any subconscious character associations. 

slow club - "beginners"