Sunday, April 29, 2012

there’s no better gift than a photograph.

it was a very john cusack oriented work week for me. besides attending the raven premiere on monday, i was asked to also cover his hollywood walk of fame star ceremony (located on hollywood & cherokee). here are the three paragraphs i wrote for it:

Hollywood Boulevard shined just a bit brighter this afternoon, as the incomparable John Cusack was awarded the 2,469th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As fans gathered with various memorabilia and paper printed boom boxes held high, Cusack was introduced to the crowd by what he called, "his very best of friends".  His sister Joan Cusack, kicked things off with a snarky yet loving tribute that illuminated the mystique she believed her brother emitted.
"John is a star. There's magic in him," she boasted. "He makes it look easy even when we know it isn't." Her speech ended with a phrase that seemed to echo a collective sentiment about her brother.  When she called him the "champion of the underdog", heads shook in total agreement and cheers. While Dan Aykroyd and Billy Bob Thornton also took the stage to gush about Cusack, the biggest applause of the day came courtesy of Jack Black's inspired closer: "I love you brohammer. Johnny Cusacko!"
Surrounded by some colleagues from his upcoming film The Raven, Cusack finally took the mic and humbly attributed his success to a long list of actors that he had the pleasure to work with throughout the years. Despite not being able to mention everyone (a filmography of over sixty films equals way too many shout outs), he stood grateful and charmed. Flashing that signature smile and sweetness that continues to resonate in people of all ages and 80s movie archetypes.

i stood next to the smelliest tourists that day. damn.