Sunday, April 1, 2012

the dog days are over.

i began this blog because i was on a journey void of definitive paths or plans. it was supposed to chronicle my adventures with funemployment and aid in keeping the writing crayon sharp. but if you looked closely at the tone, it actually read more as a form of cathartic release. as everything outside of arms reach kept revolving, i continued to move in directions that were clouded with uncertainty but always did my best to have something special to offer to those around me.

604 posts and 28 drafts later, this blog can finally announce a distinct path. i have accepted a full-time position at gofobo. after surviving off of patience, inside jokes and tiny victories for an extended period of time, i am ridiculously excited and anxious to carve out a new routine and redefine personal successes.

but before i embark on new territory, i'd like to take a minute to recognize two things particularly close to the heart. freelancing has been an incredible piece of my life and none of it could have been possible without my former 8055. i cherish our work and collaborations with the highest reverence and feel grateful for your presence in all aspects of my life. and nothing can support that statement more than the fact that my dear blog was named after an inside joke we stumbled upon and i ceased to let you forget.

i also want to turn the spotlight towards my extended family: the xlarge store in los feliz. go spend some serious cash there because the owner, his beautiful family and island of misfit friends are some of the most genuine folks i've ever had the pleasure to spend time with. 20 years later, it's a neighborhood landmark with a legendary history packed in a two-story space and a dog named marlow guarding the door.

and of course, for everyone who offered a rotating amount of encouragement or condescension over the last two years, i love you more than coffee. and if you really knew me, there's no better or higher compliment. 

ps: this is not an april fools joke. i really did get a job. happy faces!