Tuesday, January 24, 2012

do some research junior, i'm in the mood to be right.

if you've ever battled with A) a disgusting amount of self-absorption, B) makers mark fueled alcoholism, C) a ridiculous obsession for the past, D) the inability to see past your own thoughts and into the reality of your fucked up personality or E) any of the above, then please make it a point to go see young adult.

however, if you're a well adjusted, generally happy person who (probably) doesn't drink or curse, this movie will go right over your head. upon ingesting the hour and 40 minute film, i walked away pleased and identifying with certain characteristics and situations. however my thoughts were not shared by two anonymous voices in the bathroom who proclaimed just how awful they thought young adult was. 

darker than black coffee and brutally vulnerable, the report between charlize theron and patton oswalt was bittersweet perfection. if you're looking for a glass that's pretty much empty, go catch this flick.