Tuesday, July 26, 2011

you and me, shooting holes at the moon.

for (almost) three crazy years in the early 2000s, i was a pescetarian. it started off as a experiment to see if i could last one month. after 30 days, i figured why not a year? after a year it wasn't so much a challenge anymore and it was just my lifestyle. i seriously figured that i'd just live the rest of my life off fish and veggies until i booked a trip to new york and was eager to try everything carnivorous. 

needless to say i've rejoined the ranks of meat eaters since i returned, but i still enjoy a lot of vegetarian meals and options. my biggest indulgence is tofu. i often prefer it in certain dishes over dry or low grade quantities of meat. despite my love for the soy treat, i never really gave much thought into how it was produced until now. meet the self-proclaimed tofu ambassador - minh tsai, the owner of oakland's hodo soy beanery.