Friday, July 1, 2011

i took a sip of something poison but i hold on tight.

back in 2007 i was in drunk in san francisco and answered my phone around midnight. my best friend was calling cause she was upset but i couldn't talk. i drunkenly promised her that when i got back we could chat and that the next weekend i would take her wherever she wanted to go to get her mind off whatever was bothering her. 

the next morning she called me back and said "i know where i wanna go". i had no idea what she was talking about. she reminded me of the convo from the previous night and all i could say was, "OHHHHHHHHH". the next weekend, i held up my end of the bargain and we took a road trip back to the bay. 

i always said she owed me a trip whenever i wanted as well. fast forward a few years and an ill-conceived trip to seattle has now turned into a july fourth SF adventure. it's pretty much been a year since i went north via greyhound and watched the fireworks from the bay bridge, so here's to a trip four years in the making.