Saturday, July 16, 2011

home is where the dreads are.

a few years ago i interned for a man named vizion. his email signature said e. "vizion" jones, so i honestly didn't know what kind of gentlemen to expect. during my internship we forged a great friendship and he would often send me on personal errands (like finding him a turkey leg to eat for lunch). his referral helped me land my first real job after college. he hates cake, so i once told his boss to get him a stack of waffles with honey. he's like my bigger, taller, blacker brother. a few years later he actually hired me to be his personal assistant. he's spent christmas with my family when he didn't wanna fly back to the east coast and even though i don't see him that often anymore cause he's always on the road doing his tour manager thing, he's always got my best interest at heart and finds the right time to show up at my apartment with a bag of mexican food and tell me stories about life on tour. 

today is his birthday and with the help of his baby brother malcolm (who is lil viz 2.0), we came up with a coming to america themed birthday present. rock your african themed gear with pride papa viz.