Tuesday, July 12, 2011

high time, high tide. barely made it out alive.

since college, jenn has remained one of my favorite people in the entire world. she's game for anything fun, random, dangerous and deep fried. she's got an unmeasurable big heart (aka appetite) and is probably the craziest person i know. despite our schedules never being on the same page, we successfully completed monday funday.

powered by the metro and our little feet, we checked out mendocine farms (kurobuta pork belly bahn mi), art in the streets @ moca, four leaf tea and crepes (milk tea w/boba), spitz (sangria, hummus, doquitos), far bar (shots of sake), runyon canyon (tough after all that alcohol and lack of sunlight) and we wrapped it all up with the light installation at lacma. jenn brought her DSLR and took embarrassing paparazzi/fob food pictures all day and there was even a special cameo from gaps in little tokyo. the best case of the mondays ever!

check out the videos we made at moca courtesy of the levi's film workshop.

panda time!