Saturday, April 9, 2011

making mozzarella, making world's better.

i went to a private school from first to eight grade in a suburb near pasadena. so naturally, the friends you made in fourth grade - when you were just figuring out what you thought was cool - stayed your best friends till you moved on up to high school. such was the case with vanessa, erin and maria. we spent almost every non-important holiday together for four years and basically taught each other the baby steps into real friendship. and apparently we were also the mean girls in our class (a gem i didnt find out till...well now. haha)

anyhow, high school seems like forever ago and college flew by and we haven't all hungout together since we were the tender age of 14. so thanks to facebook (naturally), we decided it was finally time to reconnect. it was nice to catch up, talk shit, reminisce and of course, test each other's drinking limits.

cheers to old friends and even older memories.